A Two-Party System

Democratic-Republican vs. Federalists

How did they split?

*They split after the Whiskey Rebellion of the 1794. They split into political parties. Political parties are a group of politically like minded people who work to elect candidates.


Federalists vs. Democratic-Republicans

* Federalists were lead by Alexander Hamilton

*The beliefs of the Federalist were:

*Wanted a strong central government

*Favored rich

*Favored Manufacturing

*Favored England

*Tax and tariffs

*Implied powers

*Democratic-Republicans were lead by Thomas Jefferson.

The Beliefs of the Democratic-Republicans were:

*The favored state rights

*Favored Poor

*Favored Agriculture

*Favored France

*Wanted Low Tax and Tariffs

* Strict interpretation

Two interpretations of the Constitution.

*The Democratic-Republicans wanted a strict interpretation of the Constitution. This is where the Federal Government only had the powers that are stated in the Constitution.

* The Federalist wanted a loose interpretation of the Constitution. This is when that if it is not directly stated in the Constitution that the Federal Government can't do it then they can do it.