Grade 5 BMS

Created by the Students of 5B : Thursday, 12th May 2016

Upcoming Important Dates to Note!

9-13th May - Secondary Camp Week

12th May 5B visits the Canadian Embassy

16th May - School Closed Pentecost holiday

18th May Grade 5 visits Berlin British School's exhibition

17 - 20 May - 4th Grade Camp Week

20 May- Run for Peace sponsors due

27th May - All Grade 5 children take part in Berliner Friedenslauf (Run for Peace)

Please see the attached information about the German report cards at the end of the school year.

German in Grade 5


In German the classes have been developing their writing skills with writing newspapers. The classes have found photos and written some text on office 365. The kids have been enjoying writing newspapers.

Every Tuesday they have a writing lesson. In the lessons they were writing about 5th grade Camp Week with Outward Bound at Schloss Kröchlendorf in Brandenburg (Germany). In the writing lessons, they had different kind of goals, eg good sentence openers etc.

In the coming weeks, the 5th grade will start the unit about maps. 5th grade will look at lots of different maps from Germany and some cities Germany. In the next lessons they will work even more on it.

By: Metehan, Alejandro, Nathaniel


Right now all the 5th grade teachers are about to introduce the new unit about coordinate systems. All the kids are very excited to focus on the new unit in math. Coordinate systems are used to find locations on a map.

We are not only working on our new unit in math we are also working on it in German by looking at maps and finding locations.

5th grade is also working on their core skills. Some are working on them in class and some in a smaller group with Ms. Sayner.

Here is a little interview with 5c and what they did in their unit about angles.


Which Unit did you have?

We worked on Angles.

Which strategies did you use to calculate the Angles?

We used protractors.

Do you think that it is hard to learn angles?

No, we actually really enjoyed this unit.

What was the hardest part in the unit?

Working out the missing Angle, without a protractor.

By Ivy, Marlene, and Anne


Before we talk about the main topic we just wanted to say that your children have put a lot of effort in their previous writing. Although their writing has been wonderful, we hope that their next writing will one of there best.

Your children have been preparing for a creative piece of writing. It's basically a kind of writing where you can write about whatever you want so the purpose is writing to entertain. They will get to choose their own topic to write about. They have been doing lots of activities to prepare for this task and will have to plan their story before beginning to write it. The writing is connected to the unit because they will have to have a conflict and resolution in their story and the consequences of that resolution on the characters.

Once your children are finished with there writing you will of course be able to see it. We hope you are proud of them.

Written by Hannah and Chloè


During the past weeks the students have been doing many reading activities. One of them included reading an article and noting down facts and opinions which was a more difficult task for the children than it seemed at first. Most of the sentences were written in a complicated way, and it was harder to determine if it was a fact or an opinion. Sometimes there were both in one sentence. This task connected with writing a summary in just 3 sentences and to research the definition of difficult vocabulary they have discovered in the article. The article was chosen by each child in order to read something they were interested in.. The articles were connected to the unit the kids were studying.

Some articles were shown by the students to their parents at Student Led conference to update there knowledge about school. It was a fun activity that was shared with the parents of the 5th grade students.

5b has been starting an activity called Literature Circles. This activity is about reading and communicating through reading and talking about a book they have been instructed to read. They each have a booklet where they can keep track of the jobs they have to complete in the group.

The jobs are:

-Conflict ( Problem detective)

-Luminary (Paragraph chooser)

-Supervisor (Group Leader )

-Bridge Builder ( Connecter )

-Word Wizard (WOW word finder)

-Interviewer (Question asker)

-Summarizer (Event lister)

Written By: Talia, Zoe , Mara


The 5th graders have been studying so hard their brains are almost exploding! Mrs.Karen our wonderful and splendid drama teacher is helping us with our stage directions. She is showing us the actions and we have to learn them. It's pretty stressful if we don’t know what to do, but its a lot of fun. In the end, the play will be marvellous, especially with all the comedy and heart touching songs. On the other hand, Ms. Eichvalds is helping us get our pitch perfect. We go over the songs till it flows. Ms. Eichvalds always says 'enunciate' and 'exaggerate' which really helps us sing better. Once we finish with the play, it will be so great that the audiences will melt down! These last few weeks the fifth graders have really been working hard on stage directions. The exiting play Shakspeare Rocks has a lot of comedy songs as well as sad and romantic scenes, like when the globe burns down or when Romeo and Juliet sing a song together.. The rest, we sadly can't reveal. You will just have to wait and see. Shakespeare Rocks is basically about his life just a bit modified so children also love and enjoy it. While watching the play you will either be bursting with laughter or crying your heart out! I hope you come watch the 5th graders perform. Save the date July 4-7th

Written By: Katarina ,Emma and Julius

Unit - Sharing The Planet

In our unit we are talking about conflicts from all over the world, including historic events such WWI and WWII. We are thinking about conflicts that are in the local community, and global community to show the different types of conflicts. Also we are talking about different ways to resolve conflicts that are worldwide or with ourself. We will list some global conflicts below:

-Civil War in Syria.

-The war in Syria is causing more refugees to flee and countries don't think they have space to except refugees.

Now we will list some conflicts from specific countries:

-In America there is a conflict between poor people and the government because the poor are saying that people in jail are getting treated better than the poor.

-Donald Trump is gaining more votes and he is winning the pre-elections and Hillary Clinton is not far behind.

We were learning about the five steps to resolve conflicts.

The five steps were:

1.stop, 2.listen,, 4.empathize, 5.plan.These steps help you to solve problems in daily life.

We have focused on learning about I statements in class in order to help resolve or prevent a conflict.

Eg.for I statement

I feel ________ (feeling)

When I_______(explain situation without blaming the other person)

Because I need________(say why you don’t want them to do what they did)

Can you________(tell them what you want them to do to solve the problem)

We are wondering if these steps are the same for solving global conflict?


Luca and Kilian


In Sport we finished the fitness unit where we learned about muscles. There are smooth, cardiant and skeletal muscles. We were practicing how to measure our heart beats in different exercises. It was not the most active unit, but it was very useful because muscles are very important. Right now we have started the soccer unit. We are training by practicing different skills like shooting, passing, and dribbling skills. We already had one game and one training session at the Berolina pitch. We are going during the sport lesson because our gym in the school is being used for secondary exams and our soccer pitch on the playground is closed. The goals and the size was good. For soccer we expect to play more games in the next few weeks. We may also do a tournament with all the other classes. 5B really likes playing soccer.


Explain Everything

In case you missed this in the last smore...


Run4Peace is a run to collect and to raise money for refugee children located in Lebanon and Germany. It's on the 27th of May at the Brandenburger Tor from 10-13:00. Transportation will be organized by the school. The idea is that for every lap a child runs, they will get money from a sponsor to donate to the charity. We hope you will all enjoy participating!

By Mira

Big image

Berliner Friedenslauf (Run4Peace) last year.

This year ALL of Grade 5 will take up the challenge!


Recently, we have been cutting our creative linos. The steps we needed to complete are:

* Design your own coat of arms on paper.

* Rub it onto your lino piece.

* Trace with black permanent marker (to help us cut).

* Use an exacto knife in the size that is best for your trace, to cut out the lino.

* Once we were done cutting out the brown parts, (make sure you don’t cut the black trace) we printed.

What is Lino?

Lino is a hard rubber material that you can cut with exacto knives, and make stamps,coat of arms or really anything.

What is Printing?

It's when you put ink on a surface and with a roller, roll the ink onto your lino. Then place a A4 paper on your lino and with a clean roller make sure the ink is strongly printed on your paper.

After Printing...

Once our prints were dry we painted it. We also made an extra to keep black and white. We used colorful tissue paper and glued it onto paper. Then with that piece of paper we printed for the last time. All our prints were unique, amazing and all were very colouful.

Written by,

Marine K. and Veronica S-M

Ways to Help at Home

Online training:


DUDEN, Wissen, Üben, Testen, Deutsch Rechtschreibung, 5./6. Klasse, Dudenverlag

DUDEN, Deutsch Rechtschreibung in 15 Minuten, 5. Klasse, Dudenverlag

Richtig gut, Übungen zur Rechtschreibung 5/6, Diesterweg

Jeden Tag besser Deutsch, Intensivtraining Rechtschreibung, 5. Klasse, Cornelsen

Grundlagen Deutsch, Rechtschreibung üben 5, Schöningh

kurz gefasst Deutsch, Rechtschreibung 5-10 Klasse, Klett