Christianity 101

Followers are called Christians

Christianity is a monotheistic religion whose god is called Yaweh or God. Their main prophet/common figure is Abraham. The Holy Book for Christians is called the Holy Bible, and it consists of two sections called the Old Testament and the New Testament. They believe in the Trinity, or the 3 forms of God. They are the Father, the Son/Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit. Throughout their lifetime, Christians strive for Salvation, or eternal life with God in Heaven. There are two main Sacraments that Christians follow. These are Baptisim and Holy Communion. Baptisim is being introduced to Christianity, and Communion is the sharing of bread and wine to remember the Last Supper. Their place of worship is a church, and their worship leader is called a Priest, Pastor, or Minister, Reverend, or Father, depending on what sect of Christianity you belong to. There are 3 main sects of Christianity. They are Roman Catholic, Orthodox, and Protestant. Sunday is the main worship day for Christians. Christmas is a major holiday for Christians, because it is the day of Jesus Christ's birth. Easter is another major holiday, because it is the day of Jesus Christ's ressurection after he was cruxified. Jerusalem is a holy site for all sects of Christianity, because it is the site of where Jesus lived, taught, was cruxified, and was ressurected. Bethlehem is another holy site for Christians, because it is the birthplace of Jesus Christ.