The Capitol

The star of the state.

The Sophisticated Suite.

We are a fine-dining restaurant located in a Penthouse in Washington, D.C. We are mainly located there for ambassadors, and representatives from countries all around the world coming to Seattle to meet with any officials., but we are also there for family enjoyment. We have an assortment of delicacies around the world made with the supervision of the many cooks and chefs , who are nothing but the best. Enjoy!

These are only one of thousands of mouth watering dishes!

Make way to the customers

This is the only place to be classy and cliche. We are very kind toward every customer that walks through the halls of the capitol, so come on down and have the most sophisticated time!

Store Hours

Monday-Thursday- 8:oo AM-11:00 AM

Friday-Sunday- 10:00 AM- 2:00 Pm

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