Judson ISD Curriculum & Instruction

April 2021

Summer School Teacher Pay Increases to $40 per Hour

Judson ISD is raising the summer 2021 pay for our employees to $40 per hour! We understand this has been a hectic year, and our students need additional support to help close the COVID gap over summer. Please keep in mind that this summer, ONLY FACE TO FACE options will be available for our students and there will be two sessions for most programs - one 3 week session in June and one 3-week session in July. Please consider applying for working summer school...instructions are detailed below on how to apply in Eduphoria.

The applications for Summer School 2021 are in Eduphoria Formspace. Please see the attached Summer School Program Overview to review the programs offered, the dates they are offered and the times. It is possible to apply to work for only one session if you so wish. If you have questions about a particular summer program, please see the District Point of Contact (POC) and email them directly with your questions. The DEADLINE to apply is April 16th, 2021, Please visit Eduphoria, Submit New Form, Select the Department called Summer School and all applications for each program will be listed.


The "Great Teaching in Action" campaign continues to focus on teachers in Judson that are implementing evidence-based instructional strategies to improve student outcomes. The purpose behind this is to show vivid examples of how these strategies are implemented and make a call to action. We know the COVID slide is real, and it will take a concerted effort from all of us to help our students. The consistent use of strong instructional strategies is one way that will help us with closing the learning gap.

We would like to thank our Great Teachers in Action for the month of April! Take a few minutes to watch these two teachers show us what they do best! THANK YOU Ms. Hanke and Mr. Lowrey for your willingness to share a little piece of your heart with us!

Great Teacher in Action: John Lowrey Uses Flipgrid at Judson HS

Mr. Lowrey, social studies teacher at Judson High School, makes frequent use of Flipgrid with his face-to-face and online students. Flipgrid is a free, online resource that allows students to respond to classroom discussion prompts by recording videos that become part of a whole class grid of responses. Mr. Lowrey says that the tool gets great participation out of otherwise reluctant students and allows him to have a form of interaction difficult to achieve with every student during a single class period. Click below to see how FliipGrid works!


Great Teacher in Action: Lourdes Hanke Uses Fact or Fiction at Woodlake Hills Middle School

Mrs. Hanke was introducing the unit on Lunar cycle to her 8th grade science class. Her class is split face to face and virtual. Ms. Hanke, together with Science Specialist, Todd Pope, provided a short introductory activity to gauge the students previous knowledge and inferencing skills by using a teaching strategy called Fact or Fiction. Students were presented a statement and / or picture, and they had to determine if the statement is a fact or a fiction. Because the class was not all in person, we used her zoom class and asked the students to give us a thumbs up if they believed it was a fact, and a thumbs down if it was fiction. We asked the students to give us more details to their answers in the chat box or verbally. Mrs. Hanke and Mr. Pope co-presented this as it was Mrs. Hanke’s first time using the activity - yes, please call on C&I Members to help try new strategies with you! By the end, the students were highly engaged and participating online and in person. Enjoy this 10 minute video!


Imagine Math Elementary and Middle School Contest

We would like to congratulate all students who participated in the Imagine Math Contest, but we specifically would like to highlight the top 3 performers at each level. The pictures below show these students receiving a Certificate of Achievement, a McDonald’s gift card, and Judson ISD swag to continue to incentivize their learning endeavors. Please congratulate these students and teachers for their hard work!!

Elementary Top 3 Students

Arthur Baxter, Grade 3, Copperfield Elementary, Teacher Jamie Serna, 70 lessons passed

Prince Tuason, Grade 4, Rolling Meadows, Teacher Shanelle Richardson, 66 lessons passed

Rylee Logan, Grade 5 Copperfield Elementary, Teacher Esmeralda Bostick, 66 lessons passed

Middle School Top 3 Students

Te'Jon Riggins, Grade 8, Kitty Hawk MS, Teacher Margaret Wilson, 84 lessons passed

Aiden Sanchez, Grade 6, Judson STEM, Teacher Valecia Orsburn, 22 lessons passed

Robert Warneke, Grade 8, Kitty Hawk MS, Teacher Margaret Wilson, 20 lessons passed

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April Professional Development Offered by the Judson C&I Team

Please check out the professional learning opportunities for you in the month of April. If you have any questions regarding PD, don't hesitate to reach out to Ms. Maricela Maldonado, our professional learning specialist at mmaldonado@judsonisd.org