H2O Savers

"Everyone deserves water."

Help India with water

main idea

We will serve water to people around the world who need it. We will not serve people who are lucky enough to have running water. We don't serve World-Wide,we do serve State-Wide,we do serve Nationally,and we do not serve World-Wide.Water is an important part of life!

Our purpose

Here is a little video of what it looks like in India with water.

Drinking Water for India (www.drinkingwaterforindia.org)


Where you'll find us

You will find us at Coppell East Middle School Texas,Where we will try to help all the people in the world with water!

Mission Statement

"To help people around the world who have no easy access
to water. Along with food and oxygen, water is an important factor of life. We will give the people who have dirty and unhealthy water to be able to drink and use clean and pure water.''

Funding , donors, and volunteers

Our service company is going to be American water surveyors

How we are going to get money

Advertising, door to door, bake sale, and movie friday