Richard Wagner

A famous Composer From Germany

The birth of Richard Wagner

Richard Wagner was born on May 22, 1813 in Leipzig, Germany.

Interesting Facts about Richard Wagner's Childhood

Richard had an early passion for music. He had very low grades in every subject except music. At 15 he attended a performance of the 9th symphony by Beethoven in 1828.

Three interesting facts about Richard

Richard was anti-Semitic and was later Adolf Hitlers favorite composer. Wagner fled Dresden in the aftermath of the Revolution in 1848. This was a result of the unsuccessful uprising against Germany. He was banned from the German theatrical life, but was later allowed back.

Pictures of Richard Wagner

Richard Wagner The Great

Who did Richard work for?

Richard was a loner and worked for himself.

Most famous piece of music composed

He created many pieces of amazing music but his best is probably The Ring of the Nibelungs.

Why is he stll Famous?

I think he is still famous because we still listen to his music to this day. He was the creator of the song that the bride walks down the isle to.

The death of Richard Wagner

Richard died on February 13, 1883. He died from myocardial infarction aka (heart attack)