Cool? Identity,Drugs & Fitting In.

My First Thoughts

What does it mean to be cool?

To be cool is impressing people so they like you because you don't think they will like you for who you are. Being cool is being someone else that your not. Cool means is showing off in front of your friends so they will like you more.Being cool is doing what your friends tell you to do. To be cool Maggot and 2moro is doing drugs in front of their friends. Cool means to Maybe and Tears is being themselves. Being cool to Rainbow is making money. Cool means to Jewel is having fun and being himself.

How Important is it to be cool

For Estevan and i cool is important because you make more friends and your friends will like you more. To all the street kids in the novel cool isn't that important because they live on the street and don't have much of anything.

What does it mean to fit in and why is it so important?

Fitting in means to be someone your not just so you can fit into the group that you like and it so important because we want to be with our friends not people you don't like. Fitting in to the kids in the novel doesn't matter to them because they live on the street.

Why do you think young use drugs/alohol

Estevan and i think kids use drugs these day because of stress and just because their friends do it too.Maggot in the novel does it because he likes to sell it and all the other kids do it for stress

Are Drugs/Alcohol a problem for teens?

I think it is a big problem because kids can get bad grades forget things easily or make their body bad. In the novel they don't think its a problem because they make money.

one teen said that she " swears 90 per cent of population smokes dope." Is this true in your school? why might she have said this?

This is not true in our school she probaly said this because she might live where a lot of people smoke dope

At what point does using drugs or alcohol become a problem

I think it becomes a problem at the begining because then everyone starts using it.