August 25th, 1922 $0.02

Famous Millionaire Dies

By: Savannah Allen and Nicole Carr

Connections Made

Medical examiners have tied in other mysterious connections to his death. Some events that have occurred would be homicidal and suicidal acts of George Wilson and the hit and run accident of Myrtle.


Myrtle Wilson:

  • Myrtle was Tom Buchanan's mistress but she was also George Wilson's wife. Tom breaks Myrtle's nose because she kept repeating "Daisy, Daisy, Daisy".

Jay Gatsby:

  • Throws the most elaborate parties most nights throughout the summer. Hordes of people show up to get their grooves on. Most people never met Gatsby, and most of them were not invited. Gatsby's signature was "old sport".

George Wilson:

  • George (Myrtle's husband) is blissfully ignorant. He thinks Myrtle just goes to the city to visit her sister. George shoots his self after shooting Jay Gatsby in the back; thinking that Gatsby and Myrtle were having an affair.

Local News

The Flappers: They did not follow the "traditional role" of a women set by society. They smoked, drank, danced. They were also known as the "rebellions" to the older generation.

The Gangsters: Many men illegally sold alcohol for a lot of money. They used violence and their money to keep their power and high reputation and controlled the sale of liquor, gambling, and even made a fashion statement with their well known black suits.

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Wilson's Garage:

  • A run down auto shop at the edge of the valley of ashes. Owner was George Wilson and his close business partner was Tom Buchanan.

The 1920's saw new discoveries and inventions in nearly every field of endeavor that became the foundation of thriving businesses. The economic policy of the Unite states was highly influenced by the policies of the Mellon Plan when the Secretary of the Treasury, Andrew Mellon, introduced policies which reduced taxes on the wealthy and the businesses in America that encouraged growth and led to the economic boom and the rise in stock market investments. The causes of the Economic Boom of the 1920's were the Republican government's policies of Isolationism and Protectionism, the Mellon Plan, the Assembly line and the mess production of consumer goods such as the Ford Model T Automobile and luxury labor saving devices and access to easy credit on installment plans.

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Professional golf player Jordan Baker was accused of doing was moving her ball "lie" during a golf tournament. Jordan is hard, direct, and cynical. Her actions in altering the lie of her ball is perhaps more profound than Wolfshiem's involvement in throwing the world series.