The Scoop

Mrs. Olmer's November Sweetshop Newsfeed

4th Grade Star Scores Rock!!

Parents, attached to newsletter is your student's STAR growth information. I am so impressed with the class's improvement. All students tested, showed growth since the beginning of the year. I have included a growth chart and diagnostic information. We will continue working on all these skills to see continued growth.

Math News

As we continue to move further into the year, the skills and concepts will get harder. I see many students start to struggle around this point, as new concepts are introduced and review topics are done. Please make sure your student in completing all redos for Math, these are important for learning and their grade. Make sure to take time each night to get homework completed and to practice Flash Cards(multiplication). If they practice flashcards 15 minutes each night, it should only take a few weeks to master. This will be beneficial to them as problem get harder and longer.

Wonders Reading

We are showing excellent growth in skills and diversity in our weekly objectives with Wonders. The last two weeks we have been studying Main Idea and Details. Students have been discussing these in groups and making graphic organizers to help organize ideas. We have read about many different animals and how they adapt to survive in the environment. Our Test scores are showing immense growth and improvement. I see the students easily getting done with assessments. They are smoothly going back to book and finding text evidence or features. At one point these were difficult tasks. I encourage you to talk to your student each week about what they are studying.

Social Studies

We have been studying the where Nebraska fits into the world. We are exploring latitude and longitude, and exploring the continents. We are discovering the regions of the United States and different geography of these regions. This month we are also taking time out to remember all the Veterans that have given us our Freedom. Our class was given the honor to decorate place mats for those soldiers at the Veteran's Home. We will also be taking time out this month to celebrate Native American Month. We will be doing different activities to learn about another culture.

Important Events

November 11th- School Board Meeting

November 14th- Pizza With Parents

November 14th- Read with the Principal

November 19th Family Picture Night

November 22nd Mid-Terms Go Home

November 27th-29th Thanksgiving Break

AR Reading

Please be sure your child is reading each night for at least 20 minutes. They all have goals that require this reading. They are also working towards a balloon with a reward in it and school rewards. They all have a book log for you to sign each night. This is for coins, pizza and Dairy Queen treats. So encourage the to READ, READ, READ!!!