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About Nathdwara

The history of Nathdwara is both rich and fascinating. The history of Nathdwara reveals interesting and often charming aspects of the culture and life of the people of Nathdwara. Once you set foot in Nathdwara, you will see the traces of the historical events that happened here. Quite a few of the most visited attractions in Nathdwara have historical significance. The best way to learn about the culture and lifestyle of the people of Nathdwara is to get familiar with the enriching history of Nathdwara. Come and explore the remarkable history of Nathdwara!

Near By Nathdwara

  • Shri Vitthalnathji’s Temple
  • Shri Dwarikadhishji’s Temple (Kankroloi) – 15 kms
  • Shri Hariraiji’s Bhaithak (Khamnor) – 15 kms
  • Chetak Smarak (Haldi Ghaati) - 17 kms
  • Shri Ekling Mahadevji – 35 kms
  • ShriNathji’s Charan-Chowki(Ghasiyaar) – 40 kms
  • ShriNathji’s Charan-Chowki(Udaipur) – 50 kms
  • Chaar Bhujaaji – 52 kms
  • Ranakpur – 108 kms
  • Rushabdevji (Kesariyaji) – 110 kms
  • Shri Aavri Mataji – 110 kms
  • Chittodgadh – 112 kms
  • Mount Abu – 190 kms

Nathdwara At A Glance

  • Moti Mahal
  • LalBaugh
  • Gaushala
  • Vallabh Sangrahlay
  • Ganesh Tekari
  • Ram Bhola
  • Yamuna Ji
  • Gathiyawala Baugh
  • Akhada
  • Jalashay
  • Damodar Staduim

1. Moti Mahal

The history of moti mahal can be traced right since the arrival of lord shrinathji in mewad. Shrinathji’s journey which started from jatipura in vraj, ended in a small town of mewad known as sinhad( present day nathdwara) when his chariot got stuck in the ground. This was an indication that the lord wished to live in this picturesque spot of sinhad surrounded by beautiful meadows, hills and river.

thus began the construction of the shrinathji temple in nathdwara, simultaneously began the construction of moti mahal, which is the official residence of the tilkayat family. Each generation of the tilkayat family added more wings to moti mahal as per their convenience, making it more spacious and grand.

This beautiful palace stands adjacent to the shrinathji temple and boasts of various oppulant attractions like Chini gokh, safedi kamra, firozi kamra, kaach bangla, kamal mahal, hawa mahal, baadi mahal, laal chaath, dela, bada zanaana, and jaali mahal.among these bada zanaana was the first constructed building of moti mahal built by tilkayat shri dauji maharaj.

This regal residence of the tilkayat family still stands today with all its grandeur and is a part of the history of nathdwara.

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2. Lalbaugh

Lalbaugh is approximately 2 Kms away form the Temple. It has been a center of attraction for the vaishavs. Behind laalbaug there is Shri Damodar Stadium (Chappar), where H.H. Shri Damodarlalji Maharaj used to Play Criket
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Thousands of Cows Owned by Lord ShriNathji are kept in Gaushalas (Cowsheds), these are located around Nathdwara. The largest among them is the Nathuwas Gaushala, which is located on the outskirts of Nathdwara. The daily supply of milk for the Lord comes from this Gaushala. The localBrajwasis walk bare feet carrying these milk pots on their shoulders, in huge pots locally known asGaagar. The cows from Nandvansh are found in this Gaushala.

The Gaushalas are situated at:

  • Nathuwas
  • Baagol
  • Saalor
  • Mogaanaa
  • Ghasiyaar
  • Nichli Odan
  • Upali Odan


Lord ShriNathji’s cows go to graze on various Bidaas (grass fields) situated in and around Nathdwara.

The various Bidaas of Lord ShriNathji are :

  • Nathuwaas
  • Bada Bidaa
  • Salor
  • Gonduwada
  • Baagol
  • Vyaal
  • Ghasiyaar
  • Taatol
  • Mogaan
  • Bada Magra
  • Shishodiya
  • Khatukda
  • Karmela
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4.Vallabh Sangrahlaya

There are a number of Antique pictures & information about Pushtimarg in this Museum. Also it has Chariots (rath) used by Goswamis while bringing Shrinathji from Vraj to Nathdwara.
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5. Ganesh Tekari

There is a big temple of Lord Ganesh in Nathdwara. It is surrounded by Banas River

& Giriraj Mountains
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