Laws of Apartheid

How apartheid worked in South Africa

How Apartheid Began

Apartheid began in South Africa in 1960. A political party called the National Party invented apartheid to keep control over the social structure and the economy of South Africa. Apartheid lasted from 1960 to 1994.

Apartheid laws

There was a total of 148 laws that supported apartheid in South Africa. Three of these laws had a big effect on apartheid. These three laws are The Race Classification Act, The Mixed Marriages Act, and The Group Areas Act.

Act No. 30 of 1950, The Race Classification Act

The Race Classification act was used so that the government could begin apartheid. The Race Classification Act began in 1950 and classified all the people in South Africa into four groups. The groups were Bantu(black people), Colored(people of mixed race), and White. Indian or Asian was not one of the groups originally but it was later added to the classification groups. It was used so that economic discrimination could begin and help get support when apartheid started.

Act No. 55 of 1949 The Mixed Marriages Act

In 1949, The Mixed Marriages act was used. It was so that white people and people from a different race group could not marry each other. This helped discrimination would be used more and enforce apartheid once it started.

Act No. 41 of 1950, The Group Areas Act

The Group Areas Act was passed in 1950. The Group Areas Act made residential and business sections for the four classification groups in South Africa. This lead to a few more acts that made every person live in an assigned area.