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Rebecca Marie Gomez

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Becky G real name is Rebecca Marie Gomez. She was born in Inglewood California, United states. Rebecca heritage is mexica and, mom is also mexica and her dad to. Becky G profesion is sing she made many songs like singing in the shower. Becky G and I have one thing in common it is that we both have a brother, the major thing that we have difference that we is that she has a lot of money and i don't. Also the one thing that i like about Becky G is that she got rich she never forgot about her family and where she came form. Also I choose Becky G because she is a very unique

Things that becky G do

Mexcio flag

this is the flag where Becky G was born from
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calfornia map

this is where Becky G was born lnglewood ,Calfornia

Kaila Person 6-2 Becky G report

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