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Week of Dec 6, 2021

Working together; succeeding together.

We are priviledged to share Treaty 6 Territory traditional lands of the Cree, Dene, Saulteux, Ojibwaya and the Metis Nation.

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We are looking for Basketball Officials

- training provided

- $36/game

- safe environment to learn and develop your skills.

Contact Dan Bloski at the school (306) 278 2288 or

Casual Custodians Needed

Do you want to work with the best team in the world? Of you course you do, who wouldn't. Good news! We are looking for casual custodians to help out Mr. Rye, Mrs. Samalla, and Mrs. Antazo when they need to be away. I hear it pays pretty good and the people you would work with are awesome. If you would like more information, please contact the school.

Casual EAs Needed

Do you want to work with some of the best students in the world? We are looking for casual EAs to join our team. When days come up, you are given the choice to accept or not, so you can work as often as you like. For more information contact the school or click the button below.
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Tis the Season

So many things are just as they should be. The tree is up in the foyer, 12 days of Christmas are underway, there are decorations all around the school, there are Christmas songs playing (occasionally) and Elfie is on the loose.

Elfie is our Elf that occasionally gets into mischief, finding hiding spots throughout the school. Students have a blast looking for him and finding out what trouble he has gotten into. Like his cousins, the Elfs on the Shelfs, he cannot be touched. We found out last year that he can get very ill and had to quarantine when he was touched.

On top of all this at the school, it was beyond amazing to see the students back at New 2 U shopping for their families. Joanne and her crew did an amazing job finding items and helping our students shop for their loved ones. As always, they helped us to wrap our gifts, except grade 2 which, with 25 students, we were not able to get wrapped in the time allowed. They sent the wrapping supplies back and they wrapped at the school - which was a spectacle unto itself.

We are preparing for our Christmas Pageant, which will once again this year be virtual. We are excited to present "A Glorious ADVENTure" a story of a family that discovers a very special set of Christmas ornaments stored in the attic. Through the ornaments, they discover the true meaning of Christmas and the greatest story ever told. Stay tuned.

Healthy Snack Ideas

Running out of ideas for lunches, I know that I am. Here are some great ideas. Reminder that we are a peanut safe school, we would ask that you substitute Wow Butter in place of peanut butter.
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Vaccine Requirement

As per NESD AP309, as of Dec 6, anyone entering the school, other than incidentally, will have to show proof of vaccination or proof of a negative test in the last 48h. This includes things such as volunteering for events, being a spectator at a sporting event or special event, or any other reason that would have you interacting with students or staff for 15 minutes or longer.

Incidental visits, such as dropping off or picking up students, dropping off lunches, etc do not require proof of vaccine or negative test. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact the school.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation and understanding.

SRC Corner

The 12 Days of Christmas!!

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Seen Around PPCS (and Beyond)

Grade 7 Art - Social Dance


It is very important that parents have activated their Edsby accounts and connected their students. If you need help with this, please contact the school.

As of Dec 1, Edsby will be our primary tool for communication, including the Bear Blast (the Bear Blast will continue to be posted on Facebook and on our website.

Currently, Edsby does not send a notification if a message is sent, so it is strongly recommended that parents check the app once per day for any important messages. If you set notifications through your email, you will be notified when a message is sent. Contact the school or refer to the Edsby help documents for assistance with this.

Emergent messages will continue to be sent via messenger.

Staff Communication

We live in a world of instant connectedness which has a great many benefits. One of the great drawbacks is that it can lead us to not being able to disconnect and get the much-needed rest we all need to perform at our peak. We are finding that this is the case with the school staff as well. In an effort to serve our community as best we can, staff was taking calls and messages at all hours. In some cases, parents were communicating late into the evening. In an effort to support our staff in creating a healthy work-life balance, Stacey and myself have developed the following expectations of our staff when it comes to parent communication.

If staff receive a message in any format after 4:30 pm, it is not expected that they will answer until after 8:30 the following morning.

We recognize that some parents may message in the evening when the topic is fresh in their mind; all that we ask is for your understanding in that staff may not answer until the following day. As always, we will deal with emergent situations as expediently as possible. In an emergent situation, please contact me at or feel free to call or text.

Thank you for your understanding and support in ensuring that our staff is able to rest and recharge..

Upcoming Events

Dec 9 - Christmas Concert (Virtual)

Dec 17 - Last Day of Classes/Christmas Dinner

Dec 20-Jan 2 - Christmas Break

Jan 3 - First Day of Classes

Jan 28 - Term 2 ends

Jan 31 and Feb 1 - No School (SIP DAY)

Feb 2 - Term 3 Begins

Feb 11 - Jump Rope for Heart Event

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Athletes of the Week

This week's Female Athlete of the Week is Brynlee Smith. Brynlee played on our Jr. Girls Volleyball team. Brynlee is a dedicated and focused athlete in whatever sport she chooses (and there are many). Brynlee is also an active member of our SRC and is a huge help in ensuring that all of the details of events are looked after.

This week's Male Athlete of the Week is Trayce Mathieu. Trayce is a member of our Senior Boys Basketball team and was very excited to have a season this year. Trayce is the first in the gym for practice and the last to leave.

Congratulations to both our athletes and thank you for being an awesome part of the Bears family!

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Sr. Boys First Tournament in Langham

The boys had a very successful first tournament, winning the tournament in Langham, beating Lake Lenore, Maidstone and Cornach in the final. Coach Bloski says that everyone contributed to their success. It is a young team with no grade 12s playing in the tournament. Great job Bears, we look forward to a great season.

Volunteer Spotlight

This week we would like to highlight Mr. Bloski. As our athletic director, Mr. Bloski spends many, many hours of his own time coaching, mentoring, and planning. Right now, he is coaching 2 basketball teams and helping to coordinate a third. On top of all this, he is planning a Unified Sports event for our school. Unified sport brings together athletes with cognitive or physical challenges with typical athletes. They play together as a team developing relationships on and off the field/court. Thank you, Mr. Bloski for helping to build an amazing and successful sports culture at PPCS.

We Want Fans in the Stands

We are so happy to be able to invite fans to our home games once again this year. We ask that...

  • You only come if you are feeling well.
  • Provide proof of vaccination or a negative test (48h).
  • You wear a mask at all times when in the building
  • Sanitize your hands upon entering and frequently while in the building
  • Complete our contact tracing list upon entry
  • Show our Bears how awesome they are by cheering loudly (albeit through a mask).

Hot Lunches are Back!!

Youth Group (Beyond Discovery)

Youth Group is running Fridays at 8:00pm at the youth room. Listen to morning announcements for more details.

Awana Kids Club

For Kindergarten-Grade 6!

Awana Kids Club will begin on Thursday, Sept 9.

It’ll run each Thursday from right after school gets out until 5:10pm.

Kids can come to the old elementary school (QCP) and enter through the back double doors!

Games, live music, and learning time every week!

Free to register!

Call Heidi at 306-278-7883 or Desi at 306-865-6350 if you have any questions!

When Should I Keep My Child Home?

With the new orders released last week, exempting school-age students from the mandatory self-isolation (to attend school only) we want to reiterate the importance of students staying home when they are not well. We understand that child care can be an issue for some of our families (especially short notice), but for the safety of all of our students, staff, and families we would ask that you not send your child to school (regardless of cause) if they...

  • Have a fever.
  • Are coughing (more than just occasional)
  • Sneezing (more than just occasional)
  • Have an excessively runny nose (have to blow their nose multiple times a day).
  • Vomiting (outside of motion sickness)

The principle that we use is that if a student is expelling something from their body, they should likely stay at home until it stops.

Our teachers are fully prepared to support students at home who are required to isolate or who are sick for extended periods of time.

If students are at school and displaying any of the above symptoms or any other COVID symptoms, parents will be asked to come and get them and take them home. We will then work with the families to determine when it will be safe for the child to return to school (in many cases, it is when the symptoms have stopped).

We apologize for the inconvenience this may cause to our families, but feel that in light of the new health orders, it is needed to ensure that all students, staff, and families are safe and that face to face learning can continue at PPCS.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding this, please contact us at the school at any time.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding the new health orders, we would encourage you to contact the Saskatchewan Health Authority or your local MLA.

We recognize the challenges of the ever changing situation, but remain committed to the idea that...together, we got this

Information on the Use of Rapid Testing Kits

Welcome back to #bestyearever