Philip Emeagwali

He invented internet apps

What he called his network and what was on his network

Philip Emeagwali called his network the Hyperball International Network. The only thing that was on his network was a virtual world wide web of ultrafast digital communication.

Why his invention important and how we use his invention today/how it was useful

Philip Emeagwali's invention was important because everyone could use it to do whatever they needed it to do. We use the internet today by using it to complete homework, to play games, to watch a video online, or even to just search something for a project or just for fun. It's also useful because you can use it for anything that you want to use it for.

His living conditions

Philip's living conditions as a child weren't good. He was forced to drop out of school at the age of 14 because his father couldn't pay his school fees. He was also conscripted into the Biafran War.


Philip was living in America at the time of his discovery. The economy in the 1980's was strong. As a result of his discovery, he has received many awards. The Gordon Bell Supercomputer Prize is one award he received which comes with $10,000.