Allergy Alert

Created By Jackson Allen and Jonathan Firra

What is Allergy Alert?

For people with food allergies or disorders like Celiac Disease, it can often be hard to find out what foods are safe to eat, but Allergy Alert makes this difficult task into a simple one. There are are always foods that are aren't clearly marked with the products they contain, but the use of Allergy Alert can quickly discover chemicals and products in a food object to warn its user.

Allergy Alert is a small device that can be carried anywhere for its user's convenience. When it is inserted any type of food, it takes a small sample and finds out what chemicals went into making the food. It can then compare the chemicals to a list of that person's allergies and notify them if it is unsafe to consume.

By breaking down a sample of food, it is able to determine what chemicals it contains, letting it know what types of food are present. It uses this data with a built in database where it is compared with the user's allergy data. It then displays this information on a small screen to show the user food contents it needs to take note of. The default database only contains basic food allergies, such as lactose intolerance, peanut allergies, and egg allergies, but can be specially programmed to detect a wide range of others with a simple link to a computer.

Recommended by Chemists!

Allergy Alert has gone through months of extensive testing by top tier chemists, and through that testing, it has been improved until reaching the final state it is in today. The system has been extensively tested by chemists and has passed all health and safety tests, and since these people are some of the best in their field, their work on Allergy Alert ensures that it will be as safe and helpful as possible for its users.

Recommended by Stars!

People can be some of the best at what they do, but having food allergies can sometimes make it tough because of all of the stress they are constantly in thinking about whether or not their food is safe for them. Drew Brees, a superstar football player, lives with gluten intolerance, but with Allergy Alert, he doesn’t have to worry about meticulously checking his food for gluten, and his life is truly a breeze. He can stop focusing on avoiding certain foods and instead devote his time to having a happier, more carefree life.

Recommended by Everybody!

Across the world, millions of people have food allergies of some degree, and Allergy Alert can helps them a ton. This device has a quickly growing group of users, and the input from them is constantly being used to make Allergy Alert much better and safer for all of its users.

The Allergy Alert Foundation is a nonprofit organization, so all profits earned by us will go back to straight back into Allergy Alert, allowing us to continue making lives of people with allergies so much easier. We will continue supporting Allergy Alert for years to come with more detection options, optimized speeds, and more, and your purchases will allow us to continue that support for as long as possible.

If you or anyone you know suffers from allergies, get Allergy Alert today for a stress free life that will only continue to improve.