Nuclear Technician

By: Esteban Lopez

The #6 most well payed Job in America with Only a Associates in Science

Nuclear Technicians operate and handle equipment in nuclear plants and on vessels in the Navy. They also help scientists research about nuclear science by using their science and math skills. They also assist whenever there is a product to get more of a understanding of the nature of the work. The setting for this job is always in a laboratory. Communication, computer,problem solving, analyzing information, and good experimenting skills is required. Finally, some training is also required before getting on a actual laboratory.

Salary and Job Outlook with Education

The Salary:

The median annual salary for a nuclear technician is $67,340. The hourly wage is $32.37

The Job Outlook:

The rate for jobs in the next 8 years to 2022 is 15% which is faster than average due to the great demand for energy.The projected job openings for 2022 is 4,100

The Education:

A associates degree in nuclear science which is in the science branch is needed to enter this job. Along with 2 to 3 years of training for safety purposes.