Pro Communism

Favor BY:Lucas Dunn (Block 2)

Description of Pro Communism

Pro Communism is an economic system in which there is little or no private ownership-property is held by the community rather than individuals. All economic activity is controlled by the government, including things like what crops grown and what goods are manufactured and to whom they are sold at what prices.

Head of Communism

Communist government are usually a form of totalitarianism, and traditionally allow only approved candidates to stand for election and there is usually little or no choice of candidates at an election.

How laws are made in communism.

In North Korea the Dictator is the person that makes the laws. In the other communism countries that are more involved i electing there leaders.

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How Can We Get Communism On The Rise???

By the time the Soviet Union collapsed in 1991 many of these countries had abandoned communism for some form of Democratic government. Today traditional Soviet- style communism is practiced in only one country: North Korea.

These countries have communism

-North Korea


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