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Welcome back to (e) School!

Dear HCS Students,

I am delighted to “restart” school tomorrow morning, April 6. I hope you are excited, too.

When we started this school year in August, and even when we started the new calendar year in January, we did not know that this crisis would disrupt our lives and change how we do school. Likely, you have missed your teachers, friends and maybe even the school bus ride and the school building and all the fun things that happen there.

All this change may seem unfair and, in all honesty, COVID-19 is unfair and its impact on us has been unfair. When things are unfair, we have a lot of emotions...sometimes we are sad or angry or maybe you really don’t know how you feel about all of this. All of that is okay. Some days, I can’t even explain how I feel about this unexpected and unwanted change. However, one thing is for sure, this illness will pass, and we will get back to our schools. This will not happen this school year, but we hope we will be “back to school” in August in our buildings with our teachers and friends.

Yes, there are things that happen in life we can’t control, like the occurrence of this terrible coronavirus. But what helps me get past what I can’t control is knowing there are things I can and should control. There are things you can and should control. The biggest thing we can control right now is how we adapt to this major disruption in our lives and in our education. All may not be happy about online learning using our Chromebooks or learning packets, but I know we can do this together. We can adapt. Whether you are in grades K-2 receiving learning packets or whether you are in grades 3-12 using online learning, we can do this...together. Your teachers and principals will help you, and I am here to help you.

As for other things you can and should control, I have three:

  • Create a schedule for yourself which includes setting aside time needed for your school work.

  • Complete all assignments and stay in contact with your teachers and let them know when you need help.

  • Do the following every day - Read, exercise, eat well, get plenty of rest and do at least one good deed for someone who NEEDS YOU.

I hope it is okay that I am sending a little E-love your way!

AND, please enjoy the greetings of other personnel who specifically wanted to welcome you back to school:



Superintendent Dr. Kathy Murphy
Hoover City Schools

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