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January 8, 2016

Happy New Year!

A few important reminders for parents:

*Every student is required to have headphones at school every day. Please check with your child to see if he/she still has headphones. Right now we have several students that do not have working headphones.

*Please make sure that your child has his/her iPad fully charged each day. Make sure that it's charging on the outlet at home. There have been several instances where the outlet was "switch" operated so it doesn't charge/wasn't plugged in all the way! Thanks!


This time of year is long for us as adults, and your children are no different. After the Christmas holiday break students can slip into a "slump" when it comes to quality of work/effort/getting things done on time.

We have spent a lot of time this week discussing expectations/effort etc. Please hold your child accountable at home as well for his/her quality of work. You can always check your child's iPad Notes to get an idea about the quality of work/effort he or she is putting forth.

Here's what we're learning!

Goal Setting: We identified a personal goal for the next 2 weeks that we will be monitoring daily! Check in with your kiddo to see what he/she has committed to improving on!

Writers Workshop:
We're working on supporting our thesis statements for our opinion pieces. This week we talked about the structure of the piece and how we are much like construction workers as we develop and build our essays.

Math: This week we started to learn about algebra! We are working on using different strategies to solve equations. Your child is learning how to use variables as they work through and balance equations. Next week we will be working on comparison problems and multi-step word problems

ELA: This week we assessed our inferencing knowledge! We have been practicing how to "read between the lines" of a text to infer what an author is telling us without them actually coming out and clearly stating the thought or idea!

WtW: New sort next week! Please make sure your child is completing their daily sort at home!

Science: We are learning about motion! This week we talked about how things move and learned about FORCE, PUSH, PULL and FRICTION. We will be programming spheros (see example below) to demonstrate our knowledge of motion! Stay tuned!

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Megan Zavernik

Erica Kentop

4th Grade Teachers

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