Notes from Mrs. Thompson

December 9th - 12th

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No Word Work Test This Week!

Since we finished our last pattern (consonant blends) on Monday, we introduced our newest pattern today. Because of this schedule, we will not have a spelling test this Friday.

2nd Grade Art THIS Friday! Contact the PTA to volunteer!

Word Work Pattern

Our Word Work pattern this week focuses on consonant digraphs. Consonant digraphs are two constants that like to stick together to make one sound. We will work with the /ck/, /ng/, and /ph/.

Example words are: clock, ring, and telephone.

Upcoming Continents Assessments

On Friday, your learner will be assessed on their knowledge of the location of the Earth's continents. Below, you will find videos to help your learner review the names and placement of the continents. The button below will send you to a quiz site to practice. Your kiddo is doing an AWESOME job! A secret note to you...I plan on making the assessment be exactly like the site is, which means NO pressure or stress in trying to spell the names of the continents. :)

Subtraction With Regrouping Resources for Homework!