Tannner's Creed

Serving The World Today

I believe in when you work hard in life you will get good things out of your hard work such as being honorable and earning things.As if you do not work hard you will not have earned anything at all.Your beliefs will make the world better cause you will be different and see things in a better way.

What About Life

I believe in the fact that life will be how you make it. This happens because of your choices and your actions.You can be influential by supporting other people and helping them make the correct choices.It is very important to do the correct things in life

Purpose in life

I believe in the purpose in life is to be successful and to use special gifts that you have been offered wisely,and to pass them on along with your learned knowledge to others. My destiny is to help others in need and to help them learn and support them in life.Do the correct things in life so you will not struggle