Big News!

Demo EP And Upcoming Shows!

There's only two left of the Demo EP!

As some of you know I released a Demo EP about a month ago at the end of the summer. It has full demo versions of five brand new songs and is only available as a physical copy! There are currently only two left out of twenty to start with so grab your copy now before it's gone!

Some Big News!

I'm currently working on the post production for a new single! And better yet, my favorite drummer was kind enough to lay down some tracks on it! I'm honored to let you know that Brian Griffin from The Jamie McClean Band and previously from The Lone Bellow drummed on my upcoming new single, "I Like You"! The song is about to go into post production and I'm really hoping to get it out to you guys by December. I cannot wait for you to hear the tracks he's recorded! If you aren't familiar with Brian's work, he's worked on projects with Lana Del Rey, Brandi Carlile, The Lone Bellow, and many others. You should also check out the band he's in called The Jamie McClean Band. Awesome stuff!

Until it's released, you can listen to the demo version of "I Like You" on the new Demo EP!

Live @ Dorcol Distilling Company

Saturday, Sep. 27th, 9pm

1902 S Flores St

San Antonio, TX


Live @ Rosella Coffee Company

Saturday, Oct. 4th, 8:30pm

203 E Jones Ave

San Antonio, TX


Live @ Imagine Books and Records w/Octahedron

Friday, Oct. 24th, 8pm

8373 Culebra Rd

San Antonio, TX


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