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December 2019

Thanksgiving at WLC

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Students in Ms. Clark's Creative Cooking class worked hard for weeks on the Thanksgiving menu. Ross Lanfear, one of the students in Creative Cooking commented, "It feels great to prepare food and share it with the WLC community. We've worked hard to share a meal with everyone." Joe Ntengeri added, "We invited people from outside the school too. It feels good to welcome so many to WLC." This year, police, retired teachers, and family members of the class were all invited. The students served a fantastic dinner to over 70 people! Thanks to the generous donations of so many, the WLC Thanksgiving was a great success. Thank you to the following buisnesses and individuals that supported this project: Lull Farms in Hollis, NH, Nelson’s Candy, Wholefoods, Panera Bread, Hannafords, Unos, Walmart, Shaws, Mrs. Humphreys, Mrs. Hall, and Mrs. Kalsi. Students from Mr. Kanes’s class also used the cider press they made to press apple cider for the occassion.

This was a remarkably successful endeavour. Students worked hard preparing the meal and all the student learning objectives were practiced in planning for this: responsible citizen, strong collaborator, self-directed learner, creative problem solver, and effective communicator.

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WLC Takes Part in the "I Am College Bound/I Applied" Initiative

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The Wilton-Lydneborough Cooperative graduating class of 2020 took part in the “I Am College Bound/I Applied” initiative, designed to increase the amount of New Hampshire high school seniors submitting college applications.

Twenty-one WLC seniors participated in this statewide initiative that encouraged students to apply to college on Wednesday, November 20th.

During the event, seniors had the opportunity to prepare and apply to all New Hampshire state colleges for free. High school counselor Mandy Kovaliv, along with admissions representatives from NHHEAF and various colleges/universities throughout the state were on hand to guide the students through the process. WLC students saved $1,750.00 in admission fees!

This campaign is open to all high school seniors at participating high schools, provides additional assistance and encouragement to students who may be the first in their family to attend college, low-income students, and others who may be unfamiliar with the college application process. Congratulations to our first student to apply, Natalie April!

Wilton-Lydneborough Cooperative is one of 49 public high schools across New Hampshire participating in the program during the month of November, which has been designated as College Application Month. Since 2014, over 4,850 New Hampshire high school seniors have submitted over 11,500 college applications through I Am College Bound/I Applied program.

“This is our first year taking part in this program and is an exciting opportunity to assist our students during the school day to learn more about college(s), how the application process works and what each college/university requires for admission” Mrs. Kovaliv said.

The program is part of a nationwide initiative coordinated by ACT’s Center for Equity in Learning. In New Hampshire, the program is supported by the New Hampshire Department of Education, The NHHEAF Network Organizations, the New Hampshire Association of Student Financial Aid

Below: All students who participated were entered into a drawing for a $500.00 scholarship.

We are proud to announce and would like to congratulate Kaitlin Loverme as the WLC winner!

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WLC Shines at the 2019 NHDOT Bridge Competition

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Congratulations to Aidan Rapp and Harry Wun! On November 12 at the New Hampshire DOT Bridge Competition at NHTI in Concord their bridge took first place in the Classic Design category, and fourth overall in the strength-to-weight category. More than fifty entrants from New Hampshire high schools and colleges competed - Harry and Aidan and WLC’s eight other competing teams did great work.

In addition to the NH DOT bridge competition, our 21 students on the field trip took a forty minute tour of the NHTI campus with one of their admissions staff - they had a bit of extra time and Admissions was kind enough to agree when we asked. We got a room by room look at their civic, mechanical, and architectural engineering labs from NHTI's Engineering Department chair, who had seen us at the contest and took WLC students in hand as they came through the building.

Middle School Math

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Dunkin’ Decimals!

The year has been flying by in the math department! As sixth grade students wrapped up their decimals unit, they had some fun with role play and concept construction. Students were tasked with a scenario in Ms. Blondin's classroom and were given two days to complete the real-world problem. Classes were told they were all officially employees of their favorite breakfast location, Dunkin’ Donuts. The good news was that they were allowed to eat all the donuts and muffins their hearts desired, however, the cash registers were broken and the store could not total the customers’ orders! As all Dunkin’ employees know, the show must go on. Students were given various orders of customers who were either stopping in for their usual morning coffee and breakfast sandwich, or those who were stopping by to pick up a Box O’Joe and 150 donuts for a business meeting. Students had to add, subtract, and multiply these decimal values to ensure they were charging the customers correctly, and continuing on with sales. This activity led to some incredible teamwork, silly role play, and even some interesting questions about taxing fast food. We are off to work at Starbucks, next!

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Geometry City!

In Mrs. Dailey's 7th grade math classes, students are learning how to use protractors by constructing triangles and quadrilaterals. They are preparing for an exciting Geometry project called Geometry City, where the students will each design their own neighborhoods, following certain rules developed by the "city manager"

8th grade math students are working on interior and exterior angles of triangles and finding missing angle measurements. They are also preparing for an interactive unit on Transformations.

High School Science

10th Grade Biology Students Take on Some Fun Projects!

Create a WLC Creature : This project connected the official language of adaptations and variation that students learned when talking about natural selection to their creativity and interests. Students showed their knowledge by thinking about the WLC landscape/environment and creating a creature adapted to that landscape. This activity gave students opportunity to show their creativity to explain in detail their choices for adaptations and connecting their ideas about variations in different settings. Student work was displayed gallery style and then each student voted for the following titles: Scariest creature, Prettiest creature, Most Unique/ Original and Best Overall project.
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Disease research project: Through this project students addressed the question, what is an outbreak? Students did a lab activity about the spread of a disease. They learned that the way in which a disease spreads through a population demands the careful collection and analysis of data. Students simulated the spread of an infectious disease and determined the original carrier of the disease by tracking patient zero.

In a quest to learn more about the disease causing microbes students learned about the structure of a typical bacteria and a virus and developed an understanding of what antibiotics and vaccines are. Students have picked an infectious disease and are now working on a detailed research project investigating an infectious disease to prepare a presentation that discusses what the microbes do to our bodies, how we treat disease and how social, economic and political factors affect our ability to deal with an outbreak.

Since we also wanted to highlight the benefits and economic uses of microbes, students learned about and read an article on the role of gut bacteria in human health. Students also did a lab on growing bacteria. They made yogurt to review some beneficial and necessary jobs that bacteria do in our bodies.

Running Start Basic Anatomy & Physiology students worked on building Skin Models to learn the structures and functions of the Integumentary system. They also investigated some homeostatic imbalances of the skin in their activity.

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Robotics News

High School Robotics Team

On December 7th, WLC's High School robotics team, the WLC W4RR10R5 will be attending a scrimmage at Founders Academy in Manchester NH from 8:30am-2:00pm. It is a public event so feel free to attend and cheer us on! We are hoping to learn a lot about how events are run and how we will be expected to work with a partner team at these competitions.

Below is the team logo for high school robotics team designed by Brooklyn Furze.

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Middle School Robotics Team

WLC's Middle School First Lego League Robotics Team attended their qualifier event on Saturday, November 16th. We did extremely well for our first event ever and the coaches are very proud of the students' performance, gracious professionalism, and impressed with how well they represented WLC. Although we are not moving on for future competitions, we are taking everything we learned from this first event and preparing how to improve for next year! The team will still meet on Wednesdays after school for the remainder of the year practicing coding and learning more advanced robot techniques as well as building upon our already strong teamwork skills.

Thanks to all the parents and WLC for their support in this program!

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Kane's Corner - Tech Ed at WLC

Trauma Training

In September students from the Tech Ed, Family and Consumer Science, and Science (Anatomy) programs, participated in a medical training known as “Stop the Bleed”. The 'Stop the Bleed' campaign was initiated by a federal interagency workgroup convened by the National Security Council Staff, The White House, and the American College of Surgeons. Stop the Bleed is a national campaign to cultivate grassroots efforts that encourage bystanders to become trained, equipped, and empowered to help in a bleeding emergency before professional help arrives.More than fifty students and six faculty and staff received state of the art medical training in treating trauma from nurses and Trauma Center managers from three different NH hospitals. Pictured below are students learning to pack wounds and apply tourniquets using medical training technology.
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Cider Press

Students in the Tech Ed Green Woodworking class recently completed two working apple cider presses in time to serve fresh cider to more than sixty people at Ms. Clark’s annual Thanksgiving dinner. The presses were designed from scratch following extensive research, and use a unique tenon fastened block to provide the leverage for the two ton bottle jack that does the pressing. Pictured below are students going over final details of one of the presses prior to it’s first working test.

Debris Shelters

Students in the Tech Ed Field & Forest Engineering are learning design and architecture, construction planning and natural history through a Debris Shelter unit. Using only found materials on a site in the WLC woods, without any tools or fasteners, students construct a shelter that must be sturdy, wind and rainproof, and sufficiently insulated to keep a person warm overnight in freezing temperatures.
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Art News

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There is much to celebrate from the WLC art room in regards to student accomplishment as we near the end of November! To start, the 3D Art students have successfully completed their final storytelling presentations atop their Waldorf-inspired nature tables. Most of the students wrote their own stories which included hand felted characters that were moved about in real time, bringing them to life before their classmates. Themes of gratitude, adventure, and friendship were shared within 1-2 minutes of contemporary folklore, affecting the minds and hearts of their witnesses. Our final unit for the semester will be ceramics, which we are all very excited about; stay tuned!

For the past 3 weeks the 2D Art students have been tasked with a great challenge: comprehending and diving into the visual practice, and societal values, of Impressionistic art. Many of the students have met, and since overcome, frustrations requiring deep focus within the compositional space, color, and light of a photographic image (one that was taken within the local Hillsborough County area, and preferably of Wilton, NH). Students are learning how to simplify objects into unrefined shapes and loose mark-making, allowing many inexperienced young artists a focal point of visual study that is relatively accessible if the time and effort is presented. As we wrap up this project, our third and final unit will continue our studies of Western European art history by investigating how French Impressionism laid the groundwork for Post Impressionism, Expressionism, Fauvism, Cubism, Dadaism, and Surrealism. After a brief introduction of each style, students will select a stylistic movement of interest to research and study through the practice of oil painting!

Finally, let's not forget our brilliantly creative middle schoolers! As the end of quarter one brought two middle school art classes to some amazing final projects (6th and 7th grade), we have since began some interesting visual studies of the second quarter middle school students (6th and 8th grade). First quarter 6th graders ended on character studies of sock puppets, and 7th graders created and destroyed the same piece of art 3 times, leading students through challenges that brought them all out on top! Check out some of the process photos, they're incredible. Second quarter 6th graders have just begun investigating self portrait studies, and 8th graders are taking on the epically conceptual task of abstract art!

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