Rape and Sexual Abuse

Safe Sex

People who are raped or sexually abused/assaulted usually don't walk away without any injuries!


Rape consists of sexual activity where consent wasn't given. It can include the use of violence, physical force, deception or any type of threatening behaviour towards the victim to entice them to participate in a sexual activity.

the victim can be both male and female however females are most commonly raped.

Sexual Abuse

Sexual Abuse is the participation of sexual activity without the victim giving any form of consent. It can include inappropriate name calling or refusing to use any form of contraception during intercourse. This act can include physical violence or any form of threatening behaviour. Child sexual abuse is also common and there are many different acts that come under Child or Adult Sexual abuse;

  • Sexual touching for any part of the body
  • Penetration of the mouth or vagina
  • Encouraging a child to participate in sexual activity or to use masturbation
  • Encouraging a female, child or a male to engage in prostitution
  • Showing children pornography
  • Participating in sexual activity in front of a child

Symptoms of child sexual abuse

  • Fear of certain people, this includes the fear of a certain gender
  • Drawings that include sexual content
  • Changes in behaviour this can include bed wetting
  • Unusual responses about physical touching

Sexual Assault

Sexual Assault is participating in any form of sexual activity with someone who is unaware of their whereabouts due to being under the influence of the consumption of drugs, alcohol or are generally unconscious and are therefore unable to give their consent. The sexual assault can be verbal, visual or physical.


  • In England and Wales there was over 88,219 sexual assaults that had been reported to police between 2014 and March 2015
  • 20% of women and 4% of men, who are in college or university will be raped
  • 42% of the 20% of women who have been raped or sexual assaulted, will not tell anyone, this is because they do not have the courage to admit it. Being a victim of rape or sexual abuse can be very upsetting and can effect someone's mental health and can leave the victim mentally or/and physically scarred.

By Megan Hartley