Helen Keller

By: Tatyana and Dylan

Early Life

  • Anne Sullivan arrived from Boston to teach 6-year-old Helen.
  • Anne had been blind as a child.
  • Anne Sullivan taught Helen to read Braille.
  • Helen had to feel peoples mouth to here what there saying.

Life's Work

  • Helen was the first deaf and blind person to graduate college.
  • Helen put letters into Anne hand so she could communicate.
  • In 1896 Helen started school.
  • Anne taught Helen to write.

Later Years

  • Helen wanted to help people.
  • She worked for the American Foundation for the Blind.
  • She gave speeches and wrote articles.
  • She traveled to many countries.

Important Information & Fun Facts

  • Helen wrote 12 books during her life.
  • ''The Story of My Life'' was the most popular book.
  • Helen died in 1968.
  • We still remember her and her life.



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