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HRC registration:

Hello from the NES PTO!

We hope this note finds you rested, relaxed and recharged for a new school year!

The NES PTO has compiled information on HRC responsibilities to help you determine if this role is right for you.

If you'd like to volunteer, please visit the HRC HUB on the PTO Website and scroll down to the "HRC Registration Link".

Thank you!

HRC Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is an HRC?

A: HRC stands for Homeroom Coordinator. Two HRCs per classroom are needed in grades K-6. HRCs are responsible for classroom communication, managing class dues, organizing and running four classroom parties, and creating a raffle basket for Spring Fling.

Q. Do I need clearances to be an HRC?

A: YES! Anyone wanting to be an HRC must have all clearances on file with the CRSD. Clearances must be "submitted" by September 15th.

Please visit the CRSD Volunteer Procedures webpage.

Q: How are HRCs chosen?

A: HRCs are chosen from the pool of volunteers in a lottery at the first PTO General Meeting of each school year. Many parents are eager to serve as HRCs because parent attendance at classroom parties is limited to four adults (two HRCs and two helpers).

Q: When does HRC registration begin?

A: Registration usually opens just before the start of a new school year. See our HRC HUB on our website ( for information and to sign up.

Q: Have party menus and restrictions changed since last year?

A: Each teacher posts an approved Class Menu put together by our school nurse, Ms. Blumenthal. Please refer to the teacher's website.

Q: I work full-time. Is that a stumbling block for becoming an HRC?

A: Absolutely not! Many HRCs are full-time working parents. Dates for all four classroom parties are communicated well in advance, enabling parents to make necessary schedule accommodations. Parties are planned by the 2 HRCs plus the 2 parent volunteers so the planning is spread across a small group of people.

Q: Do you need to be a creative person to be an HRC?

A: Classroom party-planning is simple and fun. All plans must be approved by your teacher in advance. For class games and activities, Pinterest is a wealth of knowledge.

Q: Is it mandatory that both HRCs attend all four parties?

A: No. If you have a schedule conflict you can recruit an additional parent volunteer to help organize and attend the party in your place.

Q: As an HRC, what happens if I have an issue, question or need help with something? Are there any resources to tap into?

A: Yes! The PTO Board is here to help! Just let us know what you need and we are happy to provide information or assistance (

We hope this information is helpful and that you will consider volunteering as an HRC in your child's class. Remember, visit the HRC HUB on the PTO website. .

See you soon!