A Child Called It

By David Pelzer

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A Child called it describes a young boy that is abused both physically and verbally by his own mother, and describes the terrible events that he has to remember as his child hood. Times weren't always bad, but when relationship problems start with his parents his mom turns to alcohol and times get rough for dave. He is deprived of food, cant play with the other kids, sleeps on a cot, and wears "swiss cheese" clothes. All his other siblings are treated with care and a normal child hood. His father never sticks around, and continues to be Dave's only hope of being free. But still his father continues to leave. Finally one day he is rescued by what he thought is his normal visits to the nurse and starts his journey to a normal life.

Why You Should Read This Book...

It teaches you a good life lesson.

Opens you eyes and makes you realize that not everyone has an easy life and you shouldn't judge people, and if you know someone needs help, help them you could change a life.