TABSE Monthly

January 2018

Dr. Kimberly McLeod, TABSE President

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President's Message

Welcome to a new year.

2018 is the year of our 33rd Annual State Conference. It’s conference time.

You can help, if each member worked to invite at least 7 people to register and attend our conference, we would have met our registration goals.

TABSE has a lot to celebrate. Our Affiliates are aligned and strong. They have had meet and greet mixers, Teacher of the Year celebrations, record membership registrations and have established a professional working culture to empower children of African descent and those that teach and lead them.

We have had numerous promotions of TABSE leaders represented throughout the state of Texas. We have monumentally mobilized politically and legislatively. TABSE is working to place and educate leaders in positions to make incredible deposits to children of African descent.

Don’t get left behind.

Get ACTIVE in your local affiliate and join the state and national affiliate.

The TABSE network is a source of synergy where professional, legislative and education dreams intersect with reality.

Join us in Houston for our state Conference in February and grow your network and expertise.

T.A.B.S.E. has R.I.S.E.N. – we are moving, move with us.

In service with you,

Dr. Kimberly McLeod

TABSE President

TABSE Conference Committee & Executive Board Meeting

Saturday, Jan. 13th, 8am to Sunday, Jan. 14th, 1pm

1200 Louisiana Street

Houston, TX

TABSE 2018 Conference Updates


The Omni Houston Galleria Hotel has sustained much more extensive hurricane damage than initially known. Unfortunately, the hotel will not be able to host our February conference. The Conference has been relocated to the Houston Hyatt Regency Hotel located at 1200 Louisiana Street, Houston, Texas, USA, 77002. All hotel reservations made at the Omni Hotel has been canceled and you must make hotel reservations at the Hyatt Regency Hotel.

Click Here to Make Your Reservation Today!

We look forward to a successful conference on February 22 – 25, 2018!


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Affiliate Call to Action: Align and Strengthen

Remember to focus on these for initiatives for the 2017-2018 year:

1. Teacher of the Year Recognition (Spring)

2. Activity for Professional Development (Fall)

3. Activity for Community and Youth Development

4. Activity for Networking Members

Affiliates that meet these goals will be recognized at the conference in February.

Taking Care of Business

All Affiliate Dues should be paid.

Please follow the link below for more information about affiliate due dates and other pertinent forms you may need. If you aren't able to find a form that you need, please let us know at

No Excuses, Just Results!

Affiliate Stimulus Grants are available for those affiliates that need additional support. Remember, we serve together. Funds are limited, but they are available.

If your affiliate needs help, click on the link below to apply for grant funds to support you in reaching your 4 objectives.

However, one of the best ways to earn funds for your affiliate to is get involved with our biggest fundraiser of the year, our annual conference. Please review the conference proceeds distribution plan at the link below.

Texas Educational Policy Institute (TEPI)

The interim board members for TEPI are:

TEPI Founding Board Member Chair: Dr. Elaine Bailey (will also serve on TABSE board as a liaison between the two entities)
TEPI Founding Board Member: Carla Windfont
TEPI Founding Board Member: Aisha Davis
TEPI Founding Board Member: Melvin Guider

Ex-offico founders that do not serve on the board include Dr. Kimberly McLeod, Dr. Colina Poullard, Georgia Pérez and Phyllis Williams. The founders will establish policies that will govern this body.

On the legislative edge

TABSE has joined forces with TASA

Join us at the TASA Midwinter Conference as four of our TABSE Leaders are presenting.

  • Am I Ready to Be Superintendent? by Crowley ISD Superintendent Michael McFarland
  • Awakening the Culturally Unconscious by Harris County Department of Education's Assistant Superindent Kimberly Rochelle McLeod
  • Beating All Odds in Superintendency by Lufkin ISD Superintendent LaTonya Goffney
  • Building the Team of 8 by DeSoto ISD Superintendent David Charles Harris

Congratulations are in order!

Lancaster ISD Students Outperform the State of Texas

Say It Loud

Congratulations to Ty. G. Jones, School Board President for Lancaster ISD. He is now hosting an internet radio program aimed at highlighting and advocating for the accomplishments being made in Texas school districts. This program will serve as a platform for Superintendents and Board Members to celebrate their students' accomplishments with the hopes that the public along with state and federal legislators will hear all the great things that are happening.

Words of Wisdom

We've asked leaders from around the state to give us words they live by in order to better support you.

Here are a few quotes we've received:

"If service is beneath you, leadership is beyond you."

"Trying is planning to fail."

"Fear is a state of mind."

If you would like to submit a quote that you live by, please send to

Affiliate Activities

Our Affiliates are doing great things!

Executive Board Members

TABSE Executive Board

Dr. Kimberly McLeod


Dr. David Harris


Dr. Michael D. McFarland

Immediate Past President

Phyllis Williams

Executive Director

Mary Olison

Recording Secretary

Dr. Colina C. Poullard


Dr. Chris Pichon

Financial Secretary

Dr. Dawn DuBose

Correspondence Secretary

Spencer Hughes


Dr. Jennifer Butcher


Lindy Perkins