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Portaportal: take favorite web-based material with you anywhere

Ms. Thornton utilizes Portaportal to organize online content for classes she currently teaches and to maintain references for classes she has previously taught. "The kids access my page as guests; I've shared [resources] with other teachers; I've even taught a class about it!" Once Ms. Thornton adds content to a portal, it can be accessed without a password from any device with an internet connection.

Questions about Portaportal?

From the website: "Portaportal is a web based bookmarking utility that lets you store links to your favorite websites online." You are no longer tied to a list of favorites on a single machine and your resources can be shared with students and colleagues through a unique link tied to your account. Basic accounts are free; premium accounts are $15 annually and include the ability to upload files to Portaportal for students to download.

For more information, visit portaportal.com. Or contact Alexis Thornton to find out more about her personal experience with Portaportal!