Isaac is Incredibly Intelligent

Green is the best!

My main personality color is green. This means I am curious, intellectual, logical, stategic, I am a problem solver, I search for answers, and I ask why. When I talk I get to the point, I am logical, I talk about facts, and I think before I talk. Things that frustrate me are small talk, faliure, and being wrong.

Left or Right?

I am mostly left brained. This means I am good at math and organized.The right brain is creative but I am not that very creative.


Monday, Aug. 26th 2013 at 9am

Bentonville High School

For high school I am going to Bentonville High School.

The Best of the Best, The One and Only, Harvard University!

For college I am going to Harvard University. It is a 4 year college and it is a private college. The requirements for the college is your secondary school record, recommendations, and the the test scores for the SAT, PSAT, etc.


I Made Your Computer!

The job I want to have is being a computer information and research scientist. A computer information and research scientist designs computers and the software that runs them, evaluate project plans, analyzes problems and comes up with soluttions that involve computer hardware and software, and other things. They usually work in offices or laboratories with comfotable surroundings. Normally they work with a computer in front of them almost all the time which can cause eyestrain, back discomfort, or hand and wrist problems.