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April Newsletter

Upcoming Events

PreACT: Administered to sophomores; email to 10th grade students coming soon!

AP Exams: May 2-13; please check the AP Google Classroom for more info! Fees due May 2.

End of 35 Week Marking Period: May 13

Regents Exams: June 1 (US History), June 15-June 23

Academic Awards: June 13

Senior Scholarship Night: June 22

Graduation Day: June 24

Congratulations to Ms. Evener on the birth of her daughter, Emma!

Ms. Evener will be out the rest of the school year. Students with last names A-K, please see Mr. Jones and he will happily help you!

22-23 Course Scheduling update

Course scheduling meetings for students with their school counselor will continue to take place during the next couple of months. If students miss their appointment they can reschedule using the link for appointment slots that will be emailed again to them. All handouts/information have been emailed and are also posted on our website. All course requests will be finalized at the end of the school year.

Class of 2023 - Juniors

There are many tasks to be considered during your junior year. Although many colleges are test optional this year, we still encourage students to take the ACT and/or the SAT. If you have specific questions about which exams to take, reach out to your counselor. Lansing also provides FREE test preparation through Naviance. Please click on these links for dates and registration deadlines: ACT and SAT

Class of 2022 - Seniors


  • Choose your college: Visit colleges to help you decide! Talk with your counselor too!
  • Check housing deadlines, deposit, and refund procedures
  • Let your school counselor know any updates regarding college admissions decisions
  • May 1st is the national deadline to let colleges know where you have decided to attend. Many colleges have extended this due to late acceptances/decisions
  • Fill out the LHS Scholarship Application online on Naviance
  • Make sure to request your final dual credit/TC3 transcripts to be sent to your college. You can request this by logging into your MyTC3 account. Student Services only sends your Lansing transcript

LHS Scholarship & Award Application due 5/11/22

How do I apply for the local scholarships given at the end of the school year?

Scholarships are selected by local organizations or committees. There is one application students MUST fill out in order to be considered for this group of scholarships. The application is available in Naviance (under "surveys from my school"). Students have 3 weeks to fill this application out. Counselors will make announcements and visit senior English classes to assist/finalize with the application process on May 10th. Late applications will NOT be accepted.

Mental Health and Wellbeing

Stress Management Tips

1. Get some sleep (but not too much!): Teens should get nine hours of sleep a night. To maximize your chance of sleeping soundly, cut back on watching TV or engaging in screen time in the late evening hours. Also watch your caffeine intake!

2. Move your body: One of the most effective ways to reduce stress is by being physically active. Create a routine of activities you enjoy. If you do these activities with a friend you are more likely to have fun.

3. Talk to someone: Talk to a parent, teacher or other trusted adult. They may be able to help you make healthy choices and better cope with your stress.

4. Focus on your strengths: Doing what you are good at will help you keep your stresses in perspective. Find more ways to do what you excel in.

5. Do what makes you happy: Find hobbies other than sports that make you happy and bring you joy. It may be drawing, listening to music, or reading a book. Remember to find a balance and a time to not worry about school.

Source: American Psychological Association (2014) Teens and Stress: How to keep stress in check.

Student Athletes - NCAA Eligibility Center

If you plan on attending a college that has Division I, II or III sports, you will need to be familiar with the guidelines of the NCAA. It is not too early to plan for collegiate sports and ensure you are on track. For more info: NCAA Eligibility Center

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