Drama Unit:

William Shakespeare and The Tragic Story of Romeo and Juliet

A Brief Overview

Students will be introduced to Drama and terms associated with dramatic works.

Essential Questions

At the end of the Unit, students will be able to answer the following questions:

  • Why read a play that's over 400 years old?
  • How is drama different from other literary forms?
  • Are Shakespeare's views on love, loyalty, friendship, and fate still relevant today?
  • How do you know if a relationship is healthy or hurtful?
  • Why is love so complicated?
  • Is emotion stronger than reason?
  • If any, what are the boundaries of love and sacrifice, and where does one draw the line between them?

Enduring Understandings

At the end of the Unit, students will have a deeper understanding of the following ideas:

  • Sometimes relationships can be hurtful, even leading to death
  • Love is never easy
  • Sometimes our emotions win out over reason
  • If you truly love someone, it can be difficult to establish boundaries
  • Many people would make the ultimate sacrifice for one they loved
  • Often people have flaws that cause an ultimate downfall

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Additional Resources

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