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Summer is just one of the favorite seasons because this is where people can go to the beach, or camping, or even have a picnic at the park without worrying about the rain or the cold weather. But, when you’re trying to sleep, relax, or even work, enduring the heat may not be easy. Fortunately, we have Cool Air to make things comfortable for us during the summer.

What Is Cool Air

Cool Air is just one of the many inventions today that makes our lives more comfortable. It is a compact personal air, lightweight, and very powerful for its size. One of the best things about this device that it produces a natural and clean atmosphere in your room. You shouldn’t worry about any noise, because the Cool Air can help purify and humidify your air without causing any type of noise.

With the clean and cool breeze of air that Cool Air produces, it will surely create a comfortable condition so you can relax while you’re sleeping or working. It can be used almost anywhere, including your bathroom, bedroom, living room, and in your office.

Why Do You Need Cool Air

Owning a Cool Air is beneficial to everyone because it can make everything comfortable, even if you’re working or about to take a nap. What’s good about this device is that it also acts as a nightlight, which has the power to change colors. This means that your children will surely enjoy this Cool Air which will not only make them feel comfortable but will also enjoy the different colors that this device produces.

Everyone surely loves to feel cooler breeze during the summer, and you can achieve this by using a Cool Air. Whether you’re watching your favorite movie, working on your papers, or retiring for the day, the Cool Air will surely make things comfortable for you.

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Benefits Of Using Cool Air

Good Sleep Quality

Sleeping in a cooler surroundings will help you get a good sleep quality. With the many ways to sleep better, sleeping in a cold surrounding is one of these many ways.

Improves Performance At Work

Another good thing when it comes to using a Cool Air is that it can help improve your performance at work. The reason behind this is because it will increase your comfort while working and while finishing all of your tasks for the day.

Reduces Risk Of Heat Stroke

Having cool surroundings, especially during summer will help reduce the risk of heatstroke. There are a high number of people who die every day due to heatstroke. That is why it is important to stay indoor and in a cooler place during summer where temperatures are high.

Reduces Risk Of Dehydration

When you’re in a room that has a low temperature, sweating is also less. When a person sweats too much, it is important to hydrate yourself. The reason behind this is because you might get dehydrated which you surely don’t want to happen. Being in a cool surrounding will prevent dehydration, but make sure to still drink water since it is beneficial for the health.

Cool Air Technical Facts

The Cool Air measured 17 x 17 x 17 centimeters, which is compact in size. The device is equipped with a fan and a three-speed settings, a special filter, and a water container. The filter is the one responsible for collecting the water in the container, while the fan will push hot air from your surroundings. The air will flow through the special filter, which will create a water evaporation and will help decrease the temperature.

All these will make the air behind the special filter to become cooler, this becoming purified and humidified. It will keep the surrounding air cooler. But due to the size, this Cool Air is only ideal for small rooms.

The Cool Air can keep you comfortable for a total of 8 hours, especially if you fill the entire tank with water. You can enjoy it for 8 hours if you’re going to use it in the lowest setting, but the higher the speed the lesser the time.

Important Features Of Cool Air

  • Humidifying Air

Cool Air can humidify the air around your room or your surroundings, which is perfect during winter days or days where you don’t feel well. This is perfect not only for you but for children as well as it can deal with clog nose. With this feature from Cool Air, you no longer have to worry about congested nose or too dry air around you and your kids.

  • Filters Air Pollution

One of the best feature that Cool Air has is that it can also help purify the air inside your room. The device has a filter, which can catch mites and other microorganism and traps all of them. This filter lasts months, so you don’t have to worry about anything at all. You can change it after a couple of months or when needed so it can filter out all pollution that can get into your air.

  • Low Power Consumption

Cool Air also has a low power consumption compared to most air conditioning unit and desk fan. This means that you don’t have to worry about an increasing electricity bill, because unlike an air conditioning unit and the like, the Cool Air will ensure that it won’t consume a lot of power.

  • LED Backlight

Cool Air also has a LED backlight witch changes in color or can be adjusted based on the color that you like. The backlight can be used as your night light when all the lights in your room or the room of your children, are already turned off.

Other Features Of Cool Air

  • Lifetime warranty for Cool Air
  • Cool Air bus compact and can fit in tight and small spaces
  • Portable enough to be taken anywhere
  • Changeable LED light
  • Water reservoir can last6 for hours
  • Easy to use
  • Powered by USB
  • Adjustable speed

Cool Air Rating And Recommendation

We want to experience the coolness of Cool Air, so together with our editors, we decided to try the Cool Air. Just like usual, we divided everyone into two groups so we can experiment with the effectivity of the Cool Air. Group A will use the device on their table or bedside table, which means that it will only be a feet or two away from them. Group B will use the device a little further or about six to ten feet away from them.

Group A experienced cooler surroundings with the Cool Air just a feet or two away from them. It made them more productive because working in a cool environment can certainly boost productivity. They also used it in their sleep and the Cool Air helped them sleep soundly at night.

Group B, on the other hand, used the Cool Air within six to ten feet. While it also made their surroundings cooler, it wasn’t as cold as the one experienced by group A. It also didn’t make things comfortable for them because the Cool Air is a little further away.

Since the Cool Air is small in size, it is only advisable for rooms or areas that are smaller. That is why group A experienced its benefits better because the device is nearer to them, compared with group B. If the Cool Air is bigger, group B would’ve experienced the same. All these mean that the CoolAir is advisable for limited spaces or at least place them near where you are.

Cool Air Reviews

We found a number of reviews for the Cool Air, while not most of them agree about its effectiveness, more people are impressed on how this device works. Most users recommend on pouring already cold water in the tank of the Cool Air as it will produce extra cool air. Just like what group A editors experienced with this Cool Air, it provided comfort while they are busy with their work and while they are sleeping with the Cool Air.

Testimonials From Other Users of Cool Air

I bought Cool Air because I wanted to keep myself cool during summer season without worrying about my electricity bill since it promises that it won’t consume too much electricity. I’ve been using the Cool Air for a month now and it’s been keeping me comfortable even during the hotter days of summer. Also, it didn’t increase my electricity bill dramatically, which I definitely love the most! - Sarah, 24

I first used my Cool Air at the office since our air conditioning system wasn’t working enough to keep everyone cool. I was nervous at first since it might not be able to work the way it advertised. To my surprise, it actually did and made working at the office comfortable. Even my workmates were surprised on how it can effectively make my surroundings comfortably cool. From what I head, they are now ordering theirs as well! - Mike, 31

Where Can I Order Cool Air

Cool Air can be ordered directly on their website. Currently, they are offering a 50% discount for a limited time only. They also offer free delivery, today. Purchasing two or more Cool Air will help you get discounts. You can get purchase one for yourself and more as your gifts to your friends. You will not only be getting discounts but will also have something for your family or friends. Remember that the more Cool Air you order, the more discount you will get.

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