The Life of Helen Keller

By: Adeleigh Weiner and Erin Devine

When and Where Born:

Helen Keller was born June 27, 1880 in Alabama.

Early Life:

When Helen Keller was young she had an illness and she had a fever. The illness made her deaf and blind. It was hard for her to communicate and it was hard for her to listen and see other people around her.

Character Traits:

When Helen was young she was mad and upset. When she was an adult she was warm, caring, outstanding, a leader and determined to work hard.

Challenges Overcome:

Hellen Keller found ways to communicate with people. It was hard for Helen to read and write and she graduated from college. She was the first deaf and blind student to graduate.


Helen worked to help deaf and blind people. She was also an author. She wrote a book called The Story of My Life. Helen wrote letters and essays to make equal rights for woman and helped people with disabilities.

Interesting Information:

When Helen was little she got a new baby sister. When Helen was older she met famous people.

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