The Wedding

By: Nicholas Sparks

Main Characters:

Wilson Lewis; main character.

Jane Lewis; Wilson's wife.

Noah Calhoun; Jane's father (the main character in the notebook).

Allie Calhoun; Noah's wife and Jane;s mother. (she suffered from alzheimer's and died).

Anna: Their oldest daughter (marrying Keith).

Joseph: Their son.

Leslie: Their last daughter.

Main Problem:

Wilson forgot their 29th anniversary and began to question his relationship with Jane. He started wondering to himself things like:

  • Had the marriage turned out to be a disappointment for Jane?
  • Was Jane pleased with her decision to marry him?
  • Why have we been feeling so different about each other?

His Solution:

He went to talk to Noah about him and Jane because Noah always gave the best advice. After his visit he decided what he had to do; He had to try to get Jane to fall in love with him all over again.


  • He started cooking dinners on saturdays for Jane
  • He started walking in the neighborhood to lose weight (lost around 20 pounds)
  • He looked at books on how to help their relationship; The four A's- Attention, Appreciation, Affection, and Attraction.
  • He listened to her more and asked her about her daily activities.
  • He took one of his first vacations off work for two week around their 30th anniversary

Main Events:

Their daughter Anna decides to get married to Keith. She wanted to have a quick wedding within two weeks. This was right around Jane and Wilson's anniversary. Jane had to throw the wedding together quickly and Wilson dedicated his time to her.

More To The Solution:

Wilson planned a romantic date for their 30th anniversary. The date that Jane had always imagined. He wrote her cute notes instructing her what to do and each one lead to another surprise. The date went great and he promised that from then on he would be more romantic.

The Wedding:

So this whole time Jane had been planning Anna's wedding. Anna always let her pick things out and it kind of bothered Jane, but she ended up really planning her own wedding that she had always dreamed of. Wilson set it up so that it seemed as though Anna was getting married. But really the wedding was all planned for Jane and him to renew their vows. In the end he got what he always wanted... She fell even deeper in love with him than ever before.