The Disturbing Truth!

Are we living wasteful lives?

Household an Industrial Waste. Is it Destroying Our Planet?

3,460,000 tons of tissues and paper towels wound up in landfills in 2008. Landfills are places to dispose of waste material by burying it under soil or burning it. In 2010 China alone contributed almost 5 billion pounds of plastic debris into our oceans as depicted in the graph below (A). On average each american produce 4.6 pounds of trash a day. This can translate to 251 million tons of trash each year
Environmental Waste/Pollution

The Great Pacific Garbage Patch

In the video listed above It depicts The Great Pacific Garbage Patch. The video also shows pictures of the horrors that is the pacific garbage patch. The Great Pacific Garbage Patch, also known as the Pacific Garbage Vortex, spans from the west coast of North America to Japan. in the picture shown above (C) there is a boat of people rowing through the rubbish that is the Pacific Garbage Vortex. Think carefully about the garbage you are throwing away. We want to keep our planet and people who inhabit it healthy and safe.