Glenside Future Problem Solvers

Coaches: Mrs. Pasternack & Mrs. Rickel

Welcome to FPS!

Congratulations! Your child has been chosen for the Glenside Future Problem Solving Team. We are very excited to be the coaches again this year! We will be meeting on Thursdays at 8:00 A.M.

FPS Goals:

  • Increase global awareness and interest in the future
  • Explore and problem solve complex, societal issues
  • Develop, utilize, and improve research techniques
  • Learn and apply problem solving strategies
  • Develop and enhance creative and critical thinking skills
  • Engage in real-life problem solving
  • Develop teamwork skills
  • Improve oral and written communication

October 27th MEETING PLACE

We will be meeting at 8:00 am on October 27th in the library.

How can Parents help?

Parents can contribute to student preparation in a meaningful way. One way is by discussing the topic for the competition.

Identity theft is a form of stealing someone’s identity. Most often, identity thieves steal personal financial information, buy things for their own gain, and pay for none of it. Frequently, identity thieves gain access to personal information through business and government databases that are not secure. Dates of birth, full names, bank account details and identification numbers are part of the information sought by identity thieves. Stolen identities can be used to fund other crimes such as illegal immigration, terrorism, or drug crimes. It can be extremely difficult to find and prosecute identity thieves as they are often from different countries than the individuals whose identities they are stealing and they obtain personal details online.

Victims of identity crime can be held responsible for crimes committed using their identity and may have to fight for years to clear their names. In addition to the damage done to individuals, identity crime costs governments large amounts of money every year. Great collaboration between global governments and organizations will likely be needed to combat identity theft in the years to come. Individuals and businesses will also need to protect themselves.

How should individuals and organizations work together to protect identities from theft? How will identity thieves adapt their practices as more time and effort is invested in protecting identities? What information will be the most valuable to thieves in the coming years and decades?

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Six-Steps to Problem Solving

1. Identify Challenges to the topic or Future Scene.

2. Select an Underlying Problem.

3. Produce Solution Ideas to the Underlying Problem.

4. Generate and Select Criteria to Evaluate Solution Ideas.

5. Apply Criteria to Solution Ideas.

6. Develop an Action Plan.