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Reproduction and Heredity Unit

The TEKS for this unit are TEKS 7.14A, 7.14B, and 7.14C and include the following essential questions:

  • How do cells reproduce?
  • How are traits inherited?
  • How do chromosomes determine an organism's traits?

Below you will find a sampling of what is available on the Reproduction and Heredity Digital Resources Site.


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Learning Objects

Sexual vs Asexual Reproduction

In this Learning Object, students select an organism and have to identify how it reproduces: sexual, asexual, or both.


Asexual vs Sexual Reproduction

In this Website, students read about the advantages and disadvantages of both types of reproduction.

Web-based Tools

Dog Breeding

In this Web based Tool, the goal is to breed a certain type of border collie puppy by selecting parents with the right traits.

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