September Tech Tips

Use NCCA's eBooks in Your Lessons!

Do you want a new way to integrate technology into your lessons? Try using eBooks from our collection to engage your students in learning.

Faculty access to eBooks:

Click on this link:

Username: your county username

Password: Newton13

How can eBooks be useful in the classroom?

  • You can select a book to project onto the Activboard for whole class reading. There is a text to speech option available on the bottom right of the book. Many of the eBooks have the text to speech option, and will read aloud to your class.

  • Assign reading assignments to students related to your lesson. When there is an infinity sign on the book cover it means that any number of students can check out that one book. If there is not an infinity sign, only one person can check out the book at a time.

  • Model note-taking to your students- You have the option to add notes, highlight, and bookmark pages. These notes can be printed, and are always available to you, even after the book is returned.

  • They are available on any device, and accessible from anywhere. As long as you have an internet connection, you can check out an eBook. You can also download the app, called Follett Digital Reader. After accessing the app, place wbb34260 in the blank web address box, and then login with your login credentials.

A few resources to consider:

There are a vast number of resources. Click on the eBook collection link above and find a resource that fits your class!


Trainers Integrating Technology SPOTLIGHT!

Congratulations to Ms. Dean for being awarded a GAE Best Practices Grant to integrate technology into the classroom using smart pens. The smart pens will help at-risk students take better notes in the classroom.

Students can do the following with the smartpens:

  • Handwritten notes instantly appear on their computer.
  • Records audio that’s synchronized with their written notes using the mics on their computer.
  • Easily integrate notes with the rest of their mobile life - create tasks, reminders, calendar events, contacts and more with just a few taps of their finger.

These assistive technology devices will be available for students to checkout throughout the year. Ms. Dean plans on assessing the difference for students using the smart pens in the classroom.

Obtain the latest Microsoft Office for your computer.

Teachers and students can download the latest Microsoft Office on their computers and other devices. For teachers it is $10 per download. Students have 5 downloads for no charge. Click here for instructions.