SMART Table News


Extension Cords

Extension cords were put in inter-school mail today for those of you who requested one. If you did not send me an email, but still need an extension cord for your table, please let me know. I need to order more, but will get them to you after the winter break.


Remember, our next SMART Table PLC is coming up on January 22. Please come with something you have created - even if it only has 1 application type in your activity. I will provide a couple more webinar sessions between January 5-16 on creating content using the Multiple Choice, Hot Spots, Hot Spaces, and Paint applications. Watch for a separate email advertising those sessions. You can also find fabulous YouTube clips on creating content for all the applications on the SMART Table Friends YouTube channel.

New SMART Table Teachers?

If you have teachers in your building that have started using the SMART Table, please let me know who they are. I will add them to my list and make sure they get my monthly newsletters and emails.

Great SMART Table ideas!

Thank you to the Larchmont team for the great training we had last week. I heard the next day that the counselor at Larchmont was so impressed with the table use, that she wants to utilize it for group sessions! Love the idea :) Any more creative ways you are using the table out there? Let us know. Use the discussion board on my SMART Table website to give us your ideas, and see what others have posted.

Useful Links

Use the following links to either submit items to me (Sherri), or locate great resources for you!

Submit items to me:

SMART Table Activity Submission: Please use this form to tell me what activities you are using! I will add them to the SMART Table Activities page, and make a backup to them on an external drive so we can reload them for you in the event it is needed.

SMART Table Data Submission: Use this form to send me your monthly table usage data.

Resources for you:

SMART Table Toolkit Download: Want to edit or create new activities? Just received your new laptop and need to download the SMART Table toolkit software again? Use this link and follow the few quick prompts.

SMART Exchange: SMART Technologies SMART Lesson Library. Remember to filter and look for activity packs for the SMART Table only!

TPS Photo/Video/Web Release Form: Please have this signed for each of your students and send a copy to Sherri Desseau.

Data Time Again!

Please help me with collecting December Data. Do this today - I know next week will get crazy busy for you. Mann - I know your table has been out of commission, you do not need to complete this. Everyone else, please complete this today. I will send a reminder next week for those who forget. THANK YOU!