How a Computer Works

Need to know how a computer works? This is the place for you


Computers are something that most most people use everyday, but do you really know how a computer works? Well if you don't you have come to the right place to learn all about how a computer works.

How the computer functions.

How the computer operates, the computer operates from the user controlling it. The user will then send data to the computer through input devices (input devices are devices that send information into the computer). The data will then be received by the processor (The Brain of the computer) and will decide what to do.

The processor will then search through the motherboard (the main board where everything is connected) The Motherboard has many things including the ram card (random access memory) the Graphics Card and lots more.

The computer also has a hard drive which is used to save all of your images, documents, videos and anything else the user decides to store on the computer

But for all these thing to work they need power! The power comes into your computer from the socket in your wall and it plugs into your power supply, the power supply's job is to distribute sufficient power to all the different parts of the computer.

All of these parts such as the Graphics Card, the RAM, the Processor, the motherboard, and even the Power Supply, all live in the same place, they live in the computers case.

All users are different because not all users work the same operating system. The operating system is the software that users operates the base program. There are many different operating systems. The three main operating systems are Windows, Mac and Linux.

Fun Fact

When the user wants to edit a file the operating system will get the application used to open it, then while the user is editing that file it is being stored in your ram, then when the user saves it, it will go to the hard drive.

These are the different parts of hardware in the computer.

Operating Systems

Input Devices

Fun Fact

Every time you click your mouse lots of signals are sent to the processor. The processor has to figure out what input device sent that signal and where on the screen it was clicked.

So the computers processor does lots and lots of things at any one time.

Output Devices