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Using Web 2.0 Tools in the Classroom

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What is Poll Everywhere?

A poll is a question that can be answered using multiple choice or free text format.

Poll Everywhere provides a fast, easy, and fun way to get feedback from an audience in a variety of situations. It is a free online tool that allows users to create their own poll that can be answered by web, text message, or Twitter. Poll Everywhere allows the poll creator to see the results compiled and graphed as replies are submitted in real time.

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It's easy

Creating a poll is easy. Just enter the question you want answers to like, "What is your favorite color?" Then write down the individual options either as multiple choice, open ended, Q&A/brainstorm, or even clickable images. See below image for example.
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Directions for audience

Once the poll is active, the audience can answer by texting or going online to the web link, or Twitter. See below image for example.
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What are the benefits of using Poll Everywhere in a classroom?

Poll Everywhere offers students a fun and interactive way to participate in review sessions for an upcoming quiz or test, voice their opinions on certain issues, or provide feedback to the teacher or current state of the classroom environment. Teachers who implement Poll Everywhere in the classroom will empower students to feel a part of a community. They will participate democratically by using their hand-held devices or computers to respond to certain questions.

Teachers create polls in an easy and user-friendly manner. K-12 educators may use the free version of Poll Everywhere with 40 students at any given time. If a teacher has more students in the classroom, then he or she may contact Poll Everywhere directly to accommodate.

Who can use Poll Everywhere?

Poll Everywhere requires participants to have access to technology like computers, cell-phones or tablets. Therefore, teachers need to make sure their students have the proper and equal access to this Web 2.0 technology in order to participate in the classroom. This tool may not to be used for students in elementary or beginning years of middle school since they might not have access to such technology.

Example for U.S. History

I used Poll Everywhere in an eight grade U.S. History class to review for an upcoming test.

In the image below, you can see how a poll question is presented to students on the web, who in turn must select an answer and submit it. It will let you know which answer you have selected, and provide you with the option of clearing for resubmission.

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Use Poll Everywhere in Any Content Area

by Christina Valentiner