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The Fat Lady Sings

It's not officially the first day of summer and already the Fat Lady is singing. Even the late great Yogi Berra would agree that "It's Over." Dean and Pete made a valiant effort this year, but when all was said and done they couldn't pull the final big trigger with Trader Jim. The Man Cave wall space has been cleared for my 3rd championship banner. Thanks for playing everybody!

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Tavern 2018: What Does the Future Hold?

An idea has been floated about that could mean major upheavals with the Tavern League for 2018. A proposition for adding an 8th team via expansion has been made. This would move us to a head-to-head weekly format (similar to Fantasy Football).

Chris Thommes is the owner name being floated about. All of the Edina guys know Chris (a fellow St. Mary's alum of mine, former all-star left fielder for our softball teams, and longtime fantasy football rival). Chris' inclusion would balance the Edina/Plymouth regions. There's no guarantee he'd accept our invite, but Chris is the logical choice at the moment.

Think about expansion and a new format as we head towards the all-star break, so we can decide if this is a direction we are interested in pursuing. Would it make the league more competitive throughout the summer, keeping owners interested and focused on winning a weekly matchup vs. one rival owner each week? This format would add a playoffs for the top four regular season finishers. It would also potentially move us towards daily lineup changes vs. weekly ones. Perhaps you prefer the status quo? Reflect upon the idea expansion and head-to-head matchups, and be prepared to discuss during the all-star break as Dean Salita aims for back-to-back whiffle ball home run titles.

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The 10 Day DL

The 10 Day Disabled List has certainly changed the landscape of baseball this season. Fantasy rosters are filled with more red than ever before. The difference between a severely injured player and one simply needing a week of rest has become extremely cloudy. Is this something our league needs to address heading into 2018? Are 3 DL spots still enough? That's another item for all-star discussions as Jason Sheeley attempts to redeem himself and take back the whiffle crown.
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Owner Contact Information

Dan (Babe Roth's Bombers): 612-644-3337 / roth100@hotmail.com

Jim (Smug Bastards): 763-258-4004 / jimannawilliams@gmail.com

Chris (Plymouth Juicers): 763-203-7843 / chris.whealy@yahoo.com

Eric (No Pepper Allowed): 763-213-7307 / edejohnson@comcast.net

Jason (Bad News Bears): 612-559-4659 / jedisheeley@aol.com

Dean (Team Dizzy Dean): 612-964-8888 / dsalita@hotmail.com

Pee Wee (Mac Attack): 612-812-1025/ petemccarthy11@gmail.com