8TH Grade Math - Karen Wagoner

At Risk Students - Quiz Data and Access Analytic

This is a screen shot of some of the lowest quiz grades for a specific group of learners. I have used this data to design and create personalized lessons, interactive resources, emails, and quiz review during chat sessions. It is obvious to me from these grades that the majority of this group is not viewing the lesson at all prior to taking these quizzes. In fact, some of these quizzes were from one of the most simple concept that we have in the course. I use this data to target learning styles and am trying to find some creative ways to get the students to look over this topic.

When I learned to use this, I was so grateful for the quick and easy access to this data. I like the way that it separates out the students by my numbers so I can reach those who need help the most. It also helped me keep an eye on those who were getting close to the fence so I could try to get ahead of the issues.

Using this report, and combining it with the course access report showed me patterns for those students who logged on and did everything at once, then did not log on until the next due date -- a pattern that I see more than I would like to but have trouble keeping a handle on. There is a type of student who just does this - and I cannot get some of them to change habits.

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Specific Quiz Data Report

I use the quiz data from our gradebook to focus on specific quizzes that commonly receive poor grades. After teaching the content several times, I am starting to see a pattern and have already tried to get ahead of the problem by having chat sessions to prepare for these quizzes, using the same exact questions with different numbers or digits. I have also tried to warn students ahead of time so they know what is ahead, and have pointed them to some additional resources that might help them become more prepared for the quiz. I have also gone over the HW quiz to show them how to view the feedback and use it to prepare for the quiz(and the test) over this topic. I will admit that the GAE and Exponent contents have given me the lowest overall scores so those are concepts I plan to address in my learning plan. This is truly an example of using assessments for learning.

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Student Survey Data

I am always trying to learn to read and use my survey data in constructive ways, but there are times that student comments are conflicting and that does make it more difficult for me to figure out how to change some of my habits. For example, a few students commented that their favorite thing in the class were the chat sessions and that they learned much from the sessions. On the other hand, same survey, another couple of kids said that they did not like the chat sessions and that I went to fast. I now have the opportunity to figure out how to create these sessions with the right amount of pacing so that I do not lose the students as I slow down to reach those who need more time.

I am also trying to align my sessions with my f2f sessions that have been tried - but I have students who only want to type-chat - not verbally chat. This definitely slows things down a bit and has continued to be an issue for me. It seems as though I take two steps forward and two steps back on the sessions.

I have posted my fall data, but saw on my Spring comments that a student has gotten frustrated with my not knowing what I am doing and they keep losing the screen. I did have this happen twice - and those - of course, are the ones that this particular student remembers.

Some day, I will get my chats in a row and feel less stress right before it begins. Right now, I feel like a new teacher every time I get online with them. Getting better technology and connection is something that I am in the process of at my home, so that should give my confidence a little boost.

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