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Just thanks...

for being flexible during PARCC testing. It has seriously been a school-wide effort- students included.

Upcoming Dates

May 9th: Update BCPSOne

May 12th: Reading Night 6-7:30 (Bucket Band 5:40)

May 16th: SLT and Action Teams

May 17th: Kindergarten Cromwell Valley Field Trip

May 18th: 5th Grade Colonial Day

May 20th: Race for Education

May 24th: 4th Flies to 5th 2:45-3:15

May 25th: Spring Concert 2:40

May 26th: JHU Focus Group (selected teachers)

Volunteer Tea 2:00

May 27th: Kindergarten Running Record Blast

RFE Raindate

May 31st: Fly Up Day

K- 9:30 1st-10:15 2nd- 2:30 3rd- 3:00

Thanks for sharing this Michelle Chrisakis!

Powerful video that will give you all of the feels.
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Congratulations MARYANN!!!

TABCO Teacher of the Year Nominee

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Sneak Peek at Summer Digital Learning Classes: Dates and Times TBA

I plan on taking a bunch and I think a lot of the offerings apply to the work we are doing! Let me know if you take one and maybe we can make a summer date out of it!

Creative Response Tools


Participants will explore tools to engage all learners in formative assessment beyond multiple choice. Tools to be explored may include Padlet and PixiClips.

Device 101


This workshop module is a beginner level experience for teachers to explore their BCPS issued computer; the HP Elitebook Revolve Pro. Participants will explore basic computer functions with a focus on building user confidence and developing support strategies for classroom use. Some examples of the skills covered include swiping, touchpad settings, touch screen settings, split screen, switching between the Windows 8 metro and desktop environments, creating folders and shortcuts, finding programs and apps, volume settings, and using the built-in webcam. Participants are expected to bring their own fully charged device.

Device Apps


Devices with the BCPS image include Windows 8 and a variety of pre-loaded apps. This workshop will focus on learning about those apps (such as Fresh Paint, Easy QR Code Reader, Dictionary, Maps, Weather, Common Core, Kodu Gamelab, Movie Moments) and the most effective ways for them to enhance student learning.

Discovery Education and Board Builder


Participants will learn about the features of Discovery Education and Board Builder. Features may include images, videos, and audio files that can be integrated into lessons and instruction.

Dive Into the Deep End of SAMR: Planning Learning Activities Above the Line


Participants will develop a clear understanding of modification and redefinition from the SAMR model. They will develop a criteria to use in the creation of learning tasks that are above the line. This workshop is not for beginners. Participants need to have a working understanding and experience reflecting on and applying the SAMR model.

Elementary- Managing a Blended Classroom


Participants will develop an understanding of the components of a blended classroom and map out lesson plans which incorporate those elements.

Facilitating Meaningful Independent work in a LCE


Participants will unpack the elements that make independent work meaningful. Using digital tools participants will create examples of meaningful independent work.

Facilitating Student Research


Participants will explore resources and strategies for facilitating student research to build and present knowledge, including implementing BCPS Online Research Models and Slam Dunks and using the BCPS Research Guides for grades K-4, 5-8, or 9-12.

Integrating Video into Your Lessons


Participants will explore the ways in which video creation and manipulation supports student creativity and innovation.



Participants will learn how to use Microsoft OneNote. This includes exploring how to create personal notebooks for collection of notes and professional artifacts and how to create shared notebooks for use with students and colleagues.

Secondary- Managing a Blended Classroom


Participants will develop an understanding of the components of a blended classroom and map out lesson plans which incorporate those elements.

Twitter 101


What’s a hashtag? How do send a tweet? How do I follow other twitterers? This is a beginner level experience for participants to build their Twitter confidence.

Using eBooks in Instruction


Participants will become familiar with BCPS eBook content for use in K-12 instruction by:

· Examining the various eBook offerings within their school’s library collection as well as eBooks offered in BCPS licensed digital content.

· Reviewing the interface and organization of the eBook collections.

· Locating and using the embedded learning supports.

· Creating direct links to eBook content for student access in BCPS One.

· Accessing support resources for using eBooks and their features.

Using Streaming Media in Instruction


Participants will develop an understanding of how to use streaming media to support small group instruction, student learning preferences, and to make real-world connections. Sources may include: Discovery Education, NBC Learn, TumbleBooks, and Safari Montage.

Quarter 4: Grading and Reporting Dates

June 10th at 5PM: grades move from BCPSOne to STARS

June 17th: Report Cards go home

Special Edition: Common Ground 2016

Incorporating Physical Activity into the School Day to Improve Achievement

Roll the Die to Move: pick a movement and move that many times

Freeze Dance: play a song and have the students dance; students will stop when the music stops

Bucket List: two buckets, one bucket is true and one bucket is false, everyone gets a index card with information or an image and has to put it in the appropriate bucket

  • Helps improve brain functions
  • Do a movement activity before long testing
  • At least 20 minutes of recess a day has long term health benefits

#sharetheawesome: PD Ideas

Some new PD ideas...what would work for Joppa View?

I'm always reflecting and wanting to learn the best PD practices. If you have any ideas...PLEASE SHARE! These are few I learned from Common Ground.

Newsflush/PD While You PP

Be on the lookout the next time you are in the bathroom!

Ted Talks

Survey the Masses about what they want to learn about: example: Brain Breaks

Approx every Monday before school starts or send out on Friday and have teachers watch a TED Talk. Teachers gather for a brief, optional discussion about the TED Talk.

Can elevate thoughts and bring us to new perspectives!

Online Book Study

Participate in professional development on your own terms.

Questions would be posted on a digital platform {Edmodo, BCPSOne, wiki, Blogger, Kidblog etc}

Participants would respond to the prompt and then respond to two other people's posts.

Would you prefer to meet in person or online OR maybe a blend of both?

Tweet Deck

Organizes tweets.

Mays Chapel does a Twitter PD where their STAT teacher poses a question on Twitter and the staff responds back with #MaYsChat. The responses are all organized and gives staff time outside of the school building to chat. Interested?!

Teachers Reader Theaters

Author Weeks and Read Across America: teachers perform readers theaters using bokos from the library to introduce books to students.

How is this PD? Exposes students AND teachers to different books.

Web Presence

Websites like BCPS' ODL Wiki are known NATIONALLY!

Teach. Learn. Connect website

SHMS is Leaning Digitally

These two can only be accessed from outside BCPS.

Happy Mother's Day!

Whether you are a mother to your children, someone else's children, a mom-to-be, a mom to pets, a mom to your students, or all of the above...Happy Mother's Day! The world is a better place because of everything you do.

And if you haven't seen the song below, grab a box of tissues and watch it.

There might be an ad for the new movie Bad Moms first which might make the whole experience even better.

Bad Moms | Official Trailer | STX Entertainment
Nichole Nordeman - Slow Down (Lyric Video)