How to Dress Appropriatly

By, Andye Tosh and Brooklin Bower

Dos and Don'ts : Business Meetings

DO: Dress nice and clean cut. Wear leather shoes, wear natural fibers or blends. Sleeves should finish at your wrist and allow for one centimeter of the blouse.
DON'T: Wearing crushable, flimsy fabrics, or denim. Avoid synthetics shoes, canvas boots, hikers, or runners.

How to Take Care of Fabrics!

Put your cashmere in a pillow case, and pop it into the washer while using wool washing products. Use cold water and do NOT spin over 600 rpm.

Take care of all stains before washing. Don't machine wash unless you wash at under 50c to remain the color, and natural fabric. Use non-Chlorine powder or liquid lining. Also to keep it from turning yellow, using a whitening product.

Pretty much needs to be treated exactly like linen^^

Ways to prevent dressing mishaps

Know where you are going . Ask a friend or family member going with you what the attire is. When dressing for events, make sure your clothes are not too tight or too loose. Clothes that are too tight can show things that should not be shown, or be unflattering. Along those lines, clothes that are too loose can also be unflattering. When picking under wear, do not choose something that can be seen from the outside. Some people have stylists to help dress them. Being a stylist can be very difficult. You have to be good at guessing peoples' measurements, and some must have a bachelors degree to find jobs.
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Use Hyrogen Peroxide to remove stains!

~ Rinse stain in warm water.
~ Apply fair amout of peroxide to stain.
~ For at least half an hour (30 min.) let the peroxide sit on the stain.
~ Use damp soft Towel and gently rub the stain to work in peroxide, DONT rub for too long! Stop when you see progress.
~ Rinse stain in warm water.
~ If this didn't work repeat until it does!
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