This Week's News

September 9-13

This Week:

9/9: DLT 9:00-12:30 (Alice and Lori J. out)

9/10: COW Meeting at EPCHS, tour begins at 6:00

9/11: PLC Grade Level Meetings, MAP begins

9/12: AC (Alice) 12:00

Upcoming Events.............

9/17: Rachel's Challenge

5th and 6th: Take bus to NE 9:10; program 9:30-10:30

K-4: NE to take bus to SE; program 1:00-1:40

ALL staff are expected to attend this program; if you have a planning period during this time, please consider this the one district directed plan for the week.

9/18: Board Meeting

9/19: Rachel's Challenge Community Event 7:00 CJHS

9/25: DATE CHANGE: Special Person's Day, Book Fair

9/27: D124 Foundation Walk a Thon 1:00-3:00, District Health and Wellness Family Fitness Fest (in the evening).

Free to a Good Home

There are two tables in the center hallway. If you have use for either one of these, please let me know.


PRIMARY: Please let your students know that "play fighting" is not allowed. Also hula hoops are not to be used to "capture" anyone. I recommend taking each grade level out for a "mock" recess and showing them appropriate and inappropriate activities.

5th GRADE: Please let your students know that they are no longer allowed to play football. We had a few injuries and a lot of hot headed students all from fifth grade.

Other grades may play as long as they continue to play safely and without tackling!

Health and Wellness Family Fitness Fest

The Health and Wellness Committee led by Kathy Hatczel will be conducting its first Family Fitness Fest. Kathy is asking each school to create a Fitness Basket. Baskets can include water bottles, jump ropes, stress balls, etc. If you have anything you would like to add to the SE basket, please bring it in by 9/17. Thank you in advance.

Field Trips........

In order to avoid last minute scrambling, I would like all field trips to be booked before we leave for Christmas break. I have received a few brochures for plays and I will give post them on the bulletin board by the mailboxes.

Once you have an idea of your field trip locations, please let Mary Beth know so she can calculate the price. She will notify the bus company so they may quote her the price of the bus.

A Reminder.......

**Lesson plans are due in every Monday before 8:30 beginning 9/9.

** Please be extremely careful when marking students absent. We have had

several mistakes this past week and it causes great panic in parents.