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Sky Ridge Medical Center is looking for an Obstetrician

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We, Sky Ridge Medical Center, are searching for a new member of our staff as an Obstetrician. As an Obstetrician you will provide medical and surgical care to women and work with pregnancy, labor, birth control, menopause, and reproductive system disorders. During the responsibility of parental care, you will monitor the growth and health of the fetus with the use of ultrasounds along with the health of the mother. This task will be completed by tracking the mother's heart rate, weight gain, and blood pressure. As part of the job you must always be aware of the condition of the baby and mother. In addition, as an obstetrician, you will deliver babies and other related duties such as performing C-section births or emergency surgery. Along with being a physician you have the choice of being the adviser of other physicians in our facilities.


Working in our hospital as an Obstetrician, the average pay received will be $110.58 per the hours you work. It is expected to earn $230,000 or more pay per year working for us. Your salary may increase with the addition of bonuses or benefits. For example, social security, pensions, health care benefits, and paid days off can bring the overall income of an Obstetrician in Sky Ridge Medical Center to an approximation of over $330,000 per year.

Working Conditions

As part of the job, it is a requirement to work 40 hours a week. You are required to work 8 hours for five days. Working hours are chosen by you. Working here you will receive paid sick time, personal time, vacation, and holidays, as you are not in work. If desired, you make receive a bonus by putting in extra time working. In addition, there are instances in which you will be called to work do to lack of staff during an emergency. The working area will be a labor ward in our hospital. You will be provided with an appropriate amount of tools to perform the job's tasks and be working alongside qualified individuals. On average you will work with trained nurses and other health professionals.


The Requirements for a Job as an Obstetrician are as follows:

  • Bachelor's and Medical degrees
  • 3-4 years of pre-med study (undergraduate level)
  • Doctorate degree in Medicine
  • Residency training for 4 years
  • State-issued licence license
As an Obstetrician, you must have a scientific background in medical science. Key skill you may want to have or improve would be verbal and written communication skills, leadership skills, attention to detail, organization skills, and problem solving skills. You must also have knowledge of the human anatomy and condition and treatments related to obstetrics.

Are You Up For the Job?

Despite that this career may become busy and unpredictable at times, there is an enjoyment in the job of an Obstetrician. You will have the chance to drastically change the qualities of others lives, a very rewarding task. Obstetricians have been held responsible for the important job of safely guiding new life into this world.

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