Conflict in Syria

6th Grade Social Studies

Where is SYRIA?

What is the conflict?

It is quite complicated and has to do with Culture (religion, customs,...), Government (power, laws, military,...), History (events that have been happening for hundreds of years...or thousands??), Economics (resources, trade, ...) and Geography (boundaries, location, immigration, ...)

How is the U.S.A involved?

Assignment and Questions

Part 1: Find an article that answers the following question:

"What is happening now in Syria?"

1. READ the article.

2. Write a short paragraph (5-7 high quality sentences) that explains the article in your own voice to a 3rd grader.

3. Write the name of the news source that the article came from (CNN or USA Today or Al Jazeera or New York Times or ???)

4. Print page 1 of the article

5. Staple the article to the back of your paragraph.

*Do your very best and don't worry - I don't expect you to be an expert at doing this!

Part 2: Find an article/website/book that answers one of the following questions and write a short paragraph (5-7 sentences) that explains what you learned to a 3rd grader. Make sure to write your question and underline it before you write your paragraph answer.

At the end of your paragraph write the name of the source where your answers came from.

Questions about Syria:

  • What is Syria’s basic history and how does it get along with its neighbors in the Middle East?
  • What has been happening in Syria for the past two years?
  • Why are so many people in Syria upset with the rule of President Bashar al-Assad?
  • How do events in Syria connect with the “Arab Spring”?
  • What exactly are “chemical weapons”? How do they work?
  • What countries have used chemical weapons in the past and what has been the world’s response?
  • What is the USA doing about Syria and what should the US do?

* I don't expect this to be very detailed. This is just practice, and I just want to see you try your best. I'm looking to see how you approach the problem and NOT that you necessarily found a solution!

Steve Goldberg Answers Student Questions

Questions created by students in class. Mr. Goldberg researched and answered them. Thanks Steve!